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Wow! The Last of Us Part 2 Sexual Scenes Censored in Japan

After a few months ago during the game The Last of Us Part 2 (TLoU 2) caused a lot of controversy ranging from plot which is considered disappointing to not a little gamer who does refunds, and now Sony Japan is said to have censored sexual scenes in the game.

Quoted from Rant Games, some sexual scenes in the game have been censored because they are not up to standard rating the game land of the Rising Sun is CERO.

Please skip the paragraph below if you don’t want to be exposed to further spoilers.

One of the scenes censored by Sony Japan is the scene where Abby talks to Owen in an aquarium, which ends with a bit of arguing and fighting. But after that they immediately started kissing and doing you-know-what.

Unlike Japan’s TLoU 2 where after they kissed, the screen immediately went completely black when they started doing you-know-what.

For those who don’t want to get spoilers, you can re-read after this paragraph.

This is because CERO forbids sexually explicit scenes from appearing in a video game, so it is only natural that these scenes are censored.

Not a little Gamers Do Refund or resell the game

Game released on June 19, 2021 developed by Naughty Dog received an unsatisfactory response from the gamer which led to the sale of the game again.

As account does Twitter @BenSkyWalkerEU who invented tons of games The Last of Us Part 2 is in used condition even though it hasn’t been a month since the game was released on a Japanese online shopping site Mercari.

In the video he uploaded featuring a row of video games The Last of Us Part 2 which sold for a price range of 4,000 Yen to 6,000 Yen, and not only one or two games were found, but a single line.

Another Story With Mini Gameshis

minigame the last of us 2

Even though most gamer dislike plot in the game, but at least there are still interesting features in the game, namely mini games playing the guitar.

Players can play the guitar in the middle of the game and then Ellie will play using the controller dual shock PlayStation 4 which has features touchpad.

Players can also freely sing any song Ellie wants to play with her guitar.

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