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WhatsApp Dark Mode How To Activate And Its Uses And Functions

WhatsApp dark mode is officially launched! Buddy have you tried it? If you haven’t tried it yet, check whether your WhatsApp has a menu or not, oh, this dark mode is here for Android and iOS smartphones. How to activate WhatsApp Dark Mode, you can check in Settings >> Chats-Theme >> Select dark Theme.

Finally, after a long wait, WhatsApp has also launched a dark mode feature in its application. After Instagram, which first presented the feature, now WA already has it, so now only Facebook social media has not launched this trending feature.

What is the function of Dark Mode?

Whatsapp Dark Mode Functions

Before you know how to activate WhatsApp’s Dark Mode, you should first know what is the function of Dark mode or dark mode on a smartphone? This feature is not just for fun, there is a function and purpose why this feature was made. Here’s a summary.

Save Battery

Reporting from the Forbes page, based on research using Dark Mode shows smartphones have longer lasting batteries. It is also said that by using black, the smartphone does not work too hard to turn on the LED or OLED on the screen. Well this helps smartphones save energy. But to note, this only applies to smartphones that already use OLED panels instead of LCDs.

If you have a different view regarding the problem of saving battery, please leave your comments.

Helps Reduce Eye Tiredness in Users

Have you ever felt tired eyes from looking at the smartphone screen for too long? Well that’s true, because staring at a bright smartphone screen forces our eyes to work harder so that it makes the eyes tense.

With this dark mode feature, focusing the eyes on the screen becomes easier and makes the eyes work hard and the eyes become more comfortable to look at the screen. Have you experienced the benefits of dark mode on WhatsApp?

Reading Ability Improves

After the eyes don’t get tired easily, of course with dark mode the reading ability gets better. This is not kidding, you know, because it was delivered directly by the Journal from The Impact of Web Page Text-Background Color Combinations on Readability Retention, Aesthetics, and Behavioral Intention, said that the combination of light colors such as white against a dark background can make a person more focused on reading. Now for those who like to read, of course this will be very effective.

Make the Display Attractive

Of course, we as WhatsApp users feel bored with the appearance and colors of Wahstapp that are just like that. Now with the Wtasapp Dark Mode feature, we can make the display more attractive than the previous display.

Suitable for use in a room with lots of people

The purpose of being suitable for use in a room with a lot of people is that usually some users or friends feel uncomfortable and worried if someone else’s privacy message will be read if they open Whatsapp in a crowded place, for example on a train or on a busway. Now with the dark mode feature, we can minimize messages that are visible to others.

How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode

How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode

Now that the WhatsApp dark mode feature has been officially released, it’s best if you update first to the latest version of WhatsApp. Here’s how to activate WhatsApp’s dark mode very easily.

1. First, you open WhatsApp, then click the three dots arranged vertically in the upper right corner and select After / Settings. (how to activate WhatsApp dark mode in Indonesian)

step 1 how to activate WhatsApp dark mode
step 1 how to activate WhatsApp dark mode

2. How to activate WhatsApp dark mode then Select Chat >> Themes >> and Select Dark Then OK

step 2 how to activate WhatsApp dark mode
step 2 how to activate WhatsApp dark mode

See the changes, your WhatsApp will have a black background or is already in dark mode. Of course this will be very comfortable on the eyes yes and will save battery (but depending on the usage yes).

Dark Mode on Samsung Android 10

Meanwhile, for Android phones that already use the Android 10 OS, the method is even easier. Because OS version 10 already has a dark mode feature that will change the entire system to dark mode including WhatsApp and other applications that already support this feature.

If you are a Samsung smartphone user who is already running Android OS 10. The trick is just to look at the top navbar and look for dark mode or dark mode, then click to activate it. Automatically all mobile systems will switch to dark mode including WhatsApp, Instagram and other applications.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode
Dark Mode menu on Samsung Galaxy A71 running Android 10

How can you activate WhatsApp dark mode? If there is no dark mode menu, you should try to check first whether the WhatsApp you are using is the latest version or not, and make sure the smartphone you are using already supports it.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Dark Mode Support on Whatsapp Web or PC?

For Whatsapp PC or Whatsapp Web users, the dark mode feature is supported to be used. The method is the same as setting via cellphone, by going to settings > chats > theme > Dark Mode.

What is WhatsApp Dark Mode iOS?

For how many iOS problems can support the dark mode feature, now Features dark mode on user iPhone can only be enjoyed for the operating system iOS 13 and above.

Can You Change Your Own Custom Theme?

So far, Wahstapp has not provided its own custom theme feature. But if you still want to be able to custom themes, you can use the Whatsapp Mod APK available on the internet. But before using Whatsapp Mod, first identify the risks in the future. You can see the article in our post some time ago.

The final word

That’s an explanation of WhatsApp’s dark mode and how to activate it. How? very easy isn’t it? Hopefully this method of activating WhatsApp dark mode can make it easier for you to use this feature. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments column below.

Good luck!

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