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What is it and How to Install XAPK

Friends, Android phones, Android cellphone users, of course, have heard of XAPK files, especially if you want to install games outside of the Google Play Store, such as downloading them on ApkPure or other places.

On Android there are two types of files that we can usually easily download either on the official Google Play website or outside of it, namely APK and XAPK. The two files are each different.

What are Apks and XAPKs?

What is it and How to Install XAPK

Apk or called Android Packages is a file format used by the Android OS for distribution and installation of applications and middleware. Apk is archive file and .apk is filename extension in Android.

Meanwhile XAPK is a combination of .apk and OBB installation files and other data, usually XAPK is used in games or applications that require more data.

OBB itself is additional data supporting apk which is usually large, such as videos or textures that cannot be included in the APK.

How to Install XAPK?

Furthermore, if you are familiar with the XAPK file, you must know how to install the file. Because the way to install it will be different from the APK file. So you have to pay close attention to every step.

Using the XAPK Installer Application

The first and including the easiest way is to use a third-party application to be able to install XAPK, this method does not require any action other than installing an application called XAPK Installer.

For that make sure you have installed the XAPK Installer on the link we provide.

How to install applications from outside the PlayStore, my friend is required to activate USB Debugging and developer mode, to activate it on each brand of Android cellphone it will be different so we suggest you can Googling to find out the steps. If you have, please install the application as usual.

If you already have the XAPK Installer installed, make sure you have downloaded the XAPK you want to install.

If you have downloaded the XAPK you want to install, you can open the Filemanager and Download Folder to find the XAPK file you want to install.

After that click XAPK and there will be a pop-up window then click Install. After that there will be a process Installing OBB Files wait for it to finish.

Notes : At this installation stage, not all XAPKs can be installed properly, if there is a failure there are many possibilities, one of which is that your cellphone does not support.

But usually there are some problems that usually arise when installing this XAPK, here is a summary;

1. Error
Usually the error that often occurs is because the phone settings do not allow applications to be installed outside of Google Play, you can activate the permissions in the settings and change them to allowed.

2. Corrupt or Corrupt XAPK File
In addition, the failure to install XAPK can also be caused by damage to the XAPK file, so one way is to re-download the file.

3. Full Storage Memory
Now this is usually what usually happens when there is a failure in the XAPK installation, so make sure your HP storage is still quite large enough to install XAPK which usually has quite large data.

The final word

How, my friend already know what XAPK is and how to install it right? Actually there are other ways and other supporting applications. Maybe next time we will add it on this page, so make sure you save this page well.

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