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Ways To Maintain iPhone Battery Life And Life

One of the downsides to the iPhone is battery life and durability. This factor is one of the main reasons they are unable to dominate the global smartphone market apart from of course the price factor.

Many iPhone users have proven that they can use their phones without having to clear the cache for years. At the same time Android phones even require cleaning up to several times a week.

iPhone also has the best security system and has much more powerful hardware than Android. But with all their advantages they are still not able to outperform Android in terms of durability and battery capacity.

In addition to the age factor, the iPhoe battery is estimated to only be able to accommodate 500 charge cycles before having to be replaced. Well, if you’re an iPhone user, it’s worth doing treatment extra to keep your battery long lasting and durable. Here’s how to make our iPhone battery life longer.

How to Maintain iPhone Battery Life

How to Maintain iPhone Battery Life (1)

1. Avoid Using Pirated Charging Accessories

Original is not necessarily the best, but it is certainly the safest. The same goes for charging accessories. The use of pirated or uncertified chargers and data cables will cause damage to a certain degree which may be irreparable. It is of course very detrimental.

2. Pay attention to the ambient temperature

If you’re in a place where it’s too cold you might get a “temperature too low for the phone to work properly” notification. You get this notification because the battery on the iPhone has certain temperature requirements to function properly. The ideal environment is with temperatures between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius.

The same will happen if the iPhone is run in an environment with a temperature of more than 35 degrees. Temperatures that are too high can cause a permanent decrease in battery capacity. You will get a situation where your phone battery will not be fully charged.

3. Avoid Draining the Battery to 0% or Charging Up to 100%

The old type of rechargeable battery has a memory. If you don’t charge it fully and discharge it, they will remember it and this reduces the battery life. So it’s better you always drain it until it runs out then fill it completely.

However, new cell phone batteries work differently. The phone battery is at its best when its capacity is above 20% and below 90%. To be precise they are in the best condition at 50%.

The smartphone screen is usually the component that consumes the most battery power. Lowering the screen brightness can save energy. Using auto brightness might be a solution for most people by automatically reducing the screen brightness when the ambient light dims. Although this makes the light sensor will go the extra mile.

5. Reduce Screen Time Limit

If you leave the screen on without using it, it will automatically turn off after a few seconds. You can save energy by reducing the time limit. By default, iPhones usually set their auto-lock for 2 minutes.

6. Choose a Dark Theme

Usually pixels that display black are pixels that are not lit. This means that using black on the screen saves energy. Although this only applies if your phone uses an OLED or AMOLED screen.

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The final word

Those are tips on how to keep iPhone battery life from running out quickly and can be more efficient. Hopefully useful for you.

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