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Want to know how to top up FF Indosat Credit? Please Read Reviews This Time

As FF gamers, of course you know the importance of having diamonds. Because by using diamonds, you can buy various premium items needed in the Free Fire game. To have diamonds, top up is the only legal solution that can be done apart from receiving rewards from Garena for carrying out certain missions.

If you are a gamer, you are an Indosat user, you can top up diamonds using Indosat pulses. The way to top up is very easy, it is guaranteed that my friend will have no trouble doing it even though it is the first time.

But before doing top up FF Indosat pulse, make sure your Indosat credit is sufficient for that. If it is not enough, you should reload the credit first.

Details on How to Top Up FF Indosat Credit

The way to top up Indosat pulses that I will share this time is by using services from CodaShop. This FF diamond top up service provider does not need to doubt its credibility. Therefore, gamers friends can rest easy when top up on this site, because it is official and does not violate.

The top up site is known for the quality and professionalism of its services. After you do the top up steps that are guided, the diamond will go directly to your account without having to wait long.

To top up diamonds, please access the site first at the url: codashop.com/id/free-fire and follow every step. After that do the top up steps which I will mention below.

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Steps to Top Up Diamond in Codashop

After the Codashop page opens perfectly, gamers just fill in the specified form.

  • At the very top, you are asked to enter your Player ID. Well, just enter the Player ID that you have.
  • Next, select the number of Diamond packages that you want to top up to your Free Fire account.
  • Next on the payment option, my friend selects payment with Indosat.
  • Next, you just need to enter the Indosat number that you are using along with your email address, then click buy now. Then wait until the Diamond that you bought enters your FF account.

At Codashop, gamers can not only top up using Indosat. There are still several other provider options such as Telkomsel, Smartfren, Three, and XL. You just have to choose according to the cellular card that you are using.

In addition, you can actually top up diamonds in the game. It’s just that the available diamond package options are very limited, so most gamers prefer to top up using legal and trusted third party services such as Codashop or others.

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