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Very Easy! How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone

Whatsapp is the largest chat application in the world. Of course, the name Whatsapp is no stranger to people in the world, especially we Indonesians, who are practically required to have Whatsapp whether it’s for daily use, for educational needs, or for work needs.

Whatsapp or commonly referred to as WA is already owned by the giant social media company Facebook, no wonder its users are increasing and its features are getting more and more and most importantly this application can be used for free.

The issue is, many are reporting the emergence of a new product from Apple, namely the iPhone SE, which will make many Android users move to Apple products. Although this is just an issue, but anything can happen.

Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone

For that, we will try to provide easy steps for Android WhatsApp users if they really want to move to iPhone / iOS. Because this is indeed an obstacle that many people complain about who have just moved from an Android OS smartphone to iOS, this is because the official Whatsapp feature itself can only transfer to one type, for example from Android to Android, and from iPhone to iPhone.

But don’t worry, we have a way to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone and it’s really easy!

First Backup Whatsapp Messages On Your Android To Google Drive

To minimize the risk of loss or error, it would be better if you Backup first your WA data. As for how:

  • Open menu “Settings” or the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner on the start page as shown below.
How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone
  • Next, if you have entered the menu, settings, select text “Chat” like the picture below.
How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone
  • Then select text “Chat Backup” like the picture below.
How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone
  • Finally select the green button that says “Backups”
  • Wait until the process is complete.
  • You can use this backup to move your WA account to a different phone, just restore the backup according to the instructions when you first log in.

The next step, you can also use third-party applications, namely:

Using the “Dr.Fone” Premium App

DR.Fone is the first in the world to provide iOS data recovery and Android data recovery software, which has helped many people!

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In addition to being able to restore data on Android and iOS, Dr.Fone also has a function to easily transfer WhatsApp data between OSes, such as moving Android WA data to iPhone WA data very easily.

That’s why, if you want to move from an Android phone to iOS. Dr. Fone is very useful for you, especially if you really need to transfer WhatsApp messages quickly and easily!

You can see how to transfer Whatsapp data from Android to iPhone using Dr. Phone below;

  • Prepare your PC or Computer
  • Next Download (click on the text) and install the dr.fone application on your computer. The web view for download is below
  • If you have downloaded and installed it, then connect your Android device and iPhone to the computer. From the main screen, select “Transfer WhatsApp” > “WhatsApp” > “Transfer WhatsApp messages
How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone
  • Connect your two phones to the PC, OK! If your Android and iPhone have been detected, you can see the following screen.
  • Then click “Transfer” in the lower right corner of the image above to transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone.
  • (WhatsApp messages are being transferred from your Android to your iPhone). Wait until the WhatsApp transfer is complete.
  • Tara! Now you can view Android WhatsApp messages on your iPhone.


Unfortunately this application is not free, because some of the features in it require us to subscribe to the license, so if you want to use it you have to subscribe with prices starting at $21.95 for a one-year license. because this application is worth it and reliable also has a level of security that is not kidding.

The final word

Maybe that’s what we can explain how to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. However, if you have another way that is easier and of course free, you can let us all know through the comments column below. Good luck!

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