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Very Easy! How to Download Games From Laptop

You want to download games on your laptop / PC, but are confused about what to download? Relax, because this article will review how to easily download games from a laptop.

Games are indeed in great demand by various groups, young and old, children, teenagers, and adults love to play games. Especially on smartphones, because on the smartphone itself it’s very easy, only through the Play Store for Android, and the app store for iOS. With just a few clicks, the game can be played.

But actually PC or Laptop games are much cooler and better, unfortunately not many people are happy to play games through Laptop / PC, because they are confused about where to download.

How to Download Games on Laptop

Before that, you need to know before downloading games from a laptop, including:

  • We recommend that you use a download application such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download the game application which will be discussed below. Besides being faster, IDM also helps tidy up downloads by automatically putting them in a special folder, you know! Now, this is done so that you don’t lose track of the game files that were successfully downloaded.
  • Now the download process also depends on internet speed and the size of the downloaded file. The larger the downloaded game, the longer the download process. And vice versa.
  • Make sure your memory capacity is enough to download and install the game. because the size of the games is also quite large. It’s a shame if my friend has downloaded it for a long time but can’t be installed because the memory is full.
  • Finally, make sure your laptop or PC is safe, which is guarded by an antivirus. Downloaded games, like many other applications are also often ridden by intruders such as viruses and malware.

Without further ado, we will review how to download games from a laptop. Listen to the end yes!

Via Steam

how to download games on laptop

Steam is the largest game download platform on a laptop or computer in the world, ranging from free games to paid games at high prices, all of which are here. How?

  • First, you have to download the app Steam first through the official Steam site.
  • If it is already installed, please open the Steam application. Then later my friend will be asked login by using a Steam account. So if you don’t have one, you can register first by following the instructions.
  • If you have already created an account, please open the menu Store. then my friend select the Games menu and look for the game you want in the search column. There are various categories to choose from, please find your own friend.
  • Now, if you have found the game you want to play, my friend, please click Play Games, check the Create desktop shortcut option if you want to create a shortcut to the game from the desktop.
  • Next, please select Next.
  • Wait for the download process, and play!

This information is for friends, usually on certain occasions Steam issues discounts for various paid games. Maybe the game you’re looking for is discounted, beat it up!

Via Windows Store

how to download games on laptop

Next up is the Windows Store. If you are already using Windows 8 and above, surely the Windows Store has been installed automatically on your laptop or PC.

Before downloading games on Windows Store. Make sure we have connected the Windows we use with a Microsoft account.

How to download games on a windows store laptop:

  • First, please search for “Windows Store” in the search toolbar on your laptop.
  • If you have entered, then please select the Game category.
  • Then find and select the game you want to download. There are game categories that you can choose from, and there are games that are paid or free.
  • If you have found the game you want to play, please click the button Install.
  • Wait a few moments until the download process is complete. When finished, Windows will automatically install the application.
  • Finished! Please play buddy! ?

Via Discord

download games on laptop

Now Discord itself is usually known as a communication platform to fellow gamers. But many don’t know, discord can also be a platform that provides games, you know!

In discord, the games are quite complete, ranging from free games to expensive paid games. Okay, without lingering, please see my friend below.

How to download games on a laptop via Discord:

  • First, you have to install the Discord application. To be able to download it, my friend, please visit the official website here Discord .
  • If it is already installed, please open the application. Well, later on, my friend must first login with a discord account. You can make it easily according to the instructions.
  • Now to search for games, please open the menu Store. Then find and select the game you want to play. There are many games with various categories.
  • If you have found the game, my friend, click the menu Add to library on the game page.
  • Well, then, my friend, choose Install on the game.
  • Yup, wait until the download is complete and please play!

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Via Each Game’s Official Site

how to download games on pc

Now, the next way to download games through a laptop is through the official website of each game. in our opinion, this method is quite easy and safe, because the site is very tight security. Well, sometimes the price offered on the original game website is cheaper than through a special website for game providers such as the Steam Store, Discord, and others.

So, my friend, what are the official websites directly from the game? The official website includes:

Now to visit each of these sites, you only need to type the name, for example “garena” on the google search toolbar. Later the official website will appear at the top. Easy isn’t it?

Then there is Cnet, maybe this name sounds quite foreign to your ears. But make no mistake, this platform is quite popular among gamers, you know! Because apart from just a laptop or PC, here are also available android games. Well, it’s also unique, Cnet doesn’t need to be downloaded, you know! Just need a browser and visit the page.

Curious how? Read on!

  • The first step, please, my friend, open the browser on your laptop. like chrome, mozilla, thor, and the like.
  • If so, please go to the Cnet site, by clicking here (Cnet).
  • If it is clicked, later my friend will enter the homepage which contains the top games. Well here, my friend, choose as you like, here there are many slick games for free and also paid.
  • If you have found the game that you want to download. Please Click Download Now to download the game.
  • Wait for it to finish and play!

Via GOG Galaxy

how to download games on laptop

The last way we provide to download games via a PC or laptop is to use the GOG application. The GOG application itself is a platform like Steam that provides various kinds of games with various cool categories, here there are free and paid games that you can try. how to download games from GOG?

  • First, as usual, my friend first downloads the GOG application through the official website. You can download it here (https://www.gog.com/galaxy)
  • If it has been downloaded, my friend just open the GOG Galaxy application.
  • Later you will be asked to login first. You can create an account easily. There are instructions that you can follow
  • If you have, my friend can choose the menu Store.
  • Then find the game that you want to download. So a little information, to find free games, you can choose Free on column Price.
  • Yup, if you’ve found the game you want, you can click on it Download and Install Now.
  • Wait until the download process is complete and play!

Very easy is not the methods above?

The final word

Well, the discussion above is how to download games via a Laptop / PC, maybe you can follow it easily and quickly. If you have another way, is it really okay to share it with all of us through the comments column below? Okay, thanks and good luck, buddy!

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