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Tutorial How to Transfer Files from HP to Laptop

How to move files from a cellphone to a laptop is basically not difficult. Especially now that people have smartphones with high enough memory, so you need a laptop to move important files from your cellphone.

Then how to move data or files in the form of images, videos and other files to a laptop? For more details, please refer to the following information.

There are several ways that you can choose to transfer files from your cellphone to your laptop. Starting from using a data cable or Bluetooth. Of the several ways, the easiest method of moving files from a cellphone to a laptop is to use a data cable.

The steps are first, please take data that supports file transfer needs from your cellphone. The data cable in question is not only for charging but also for data transfer.

Next, connect your cellphone to the laptop. After that, wait for a while until a notification will appear on your cellphone. When the notification appears, please select the file transfer mode in the options menu. The next step, please open your laptop and look at the new drive detected by the laptop.

The new drive will usually appear with a name according to your cellphone. Please click the drive and see the files. Then, select the files and copy them to your laptop. To copy files you can press ctrl c + ctrl v.

Before copying files, don’t forget to create a new folder on your laptop first. Right click on the mouse, select new and then new folder. Please provide a name for the folder. Open the folder and select the paste option after copying the selected files. Next, you just have to wait for the process of copying data from the cellphone to the laptop until it is completely finished.

How to Transfer Files from HP to Laptop (1)

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To make your file transfer process easier, here is a simpler tutorial summary for you to understand better.

  • Connect HP using data cable
  • Check your cellphone then select file transfer mode
  • Open your laptop and select the HP drive that has been read
  • Look for the file to be sent using ctrl + left mouse
  • Right click on the mouse and select copy
  • Open the laptop drive then create a new folder
  • Then right click and select paste

How to move files from a cellphone to a laptop using a data cable does have the advantage of a faster transfer process. Even files with a size of tens of GB can be completed in just minutes.

If you face problems in the process of transferring data using a data cable, then you can also use Bluetooth. It can’t be denied, even though it’s outdated, bluetooth is still a reliable feature.

The steps to send files from cellphone to laptop using bluetooth are, first, please turn on Bluetooth on your cellphone. Then also turn on Bluetooth on your laptop.

The trick is to press the Bluetooth button or look for the Bluetooth feature on the laptop. After that right click then select the option receive files. Then go back to your cellphone and open the file manager and select the files you need.

Then select the option to share files via Bluetooth. Then, just send the file to the destination laptop. You just wait for the process of sending data from the HP to the laptop.

How, isn’t it easy to move files from HP to laptop? So if you have problems with the data cable, please use the Bluetooth feature only.

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