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Tutorial How to Set HP Laptop Bios To Reinstall

Bios is the first type of software that runs after your laptop turns on. Bios is located in the CMOS, which is one of the hardware in the laptop. Bios is very important in the process of turning on a laptop or computer.

But not only that, if you enter the bios menu then you can change the configuration on the laptop. For example, you can reinstall yourself without having to go to the service area.

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Important Things About Bios

Before we get into the main discussion about how to set the HP laptop bios, here are some important things about the important role of the bios that you need to know:

  • Loading the operating system or called the boot process.
  • Set the basic configuration on the laptop.
  • Test the operating status of the hardware on your laptop by performing the POST (Power on Self) process
  • Perform the initialization process on the laptop.
  • Check what devices are already installed.
  • Some other instructions on the microprocessor during the startup process takes place.
  • Well, then you can do the reinstallation process yourself on your laptop, here are several ways to set the bios on an HP laptop to reinstall it.

Details on how to set HP laptop bios to reinstall

how to set bios laptop hp

If you want to set the HP laptop bios in order to reinstall, here are the steps you can do:

  • When you turn on the laptop, immediately press the F10 key until you enter the bios menu.
  • After entering the bios menu, the laptop screen will display a black base and some white writing which is a sub menu of the startup menu.
  • Then select the words F10 BIOS Setup on the screen.
  • In the bios setup, you will see several sub menus and you select system configuration then select boot options.
  • On the next screen, look for the legacy support text and change its status to enabled.
  • If you use a DVD/CD as the installer, then the CD-ROM boot should be changed to enabled.
  • Then insert the DVD / CD or flash installer for the installation process.
  • Next, you look for the legacy boot order or press the pg dn or pg up keys on the keyboard to select a USB hard drive, notebook hard drive or DVD/CD, depending on how you prepared the master file and press enter.
  • Then there will be the words press and key to boot on your laptop screen and you can press any key on the keyboard and wait a while.
  • After that, exit the system configuration menu by pressing the esc key on the keyboard. Here you will return to the main menu.
  • Once in the initial menu, select the exit menu and select exit saving changes to save all the changes.
  • Then, you will enter the windows setup page and then select the language to install menu to select the language.
  • Then click next and click install now.
  • Next, there will be writing from applicable notices and license terms. You just click tick and next.
  • Then it says which type of installation do you want?. Select custom: Install windows only(advanced), then click drive unallocated space select new, apply and ok.
  • The next step is to select drive partition2 and click next to start the installation process.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • After that your reinstall is successful and you can start the initial settings for windows.

Thus the article on how to set the HP laptop bios to reinstall it I made. Hopefully this article is useful for HP Laptop users who want to reinstall.

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