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Tutorial How to Make a Google Form Easily and Quickly

Buddy is surveying for the needs of the task? or script? or work needs?
With this practical era, you don’t need to bother making surveys or questionnaires using paper and then distributing them directly to respondents, because you can use Google’s services, namely Google Forms that will answer the problem. Google Form is a platform that serves to collect data, such as surveys, questions and answers, event registration, and others.

How to Create Google Forms?

Now for friends who are in need of data or surveys for assignments or work, you can use Google Forms, and of course how to make it is not difficult. Don’t worry, we will make a complete tutorial to create a Google Form, so you will have no trouble making it. So make sure you read it carefully.

Steps to Create Google Forms

  • First, open your browser. It’s up to you what browser you want to use, everything is possible. Then go to Google Form or you can click here
  • Next, my friend will enter on this page
how to make google forms

Then select “Open Google Forms” to be able to create a Google Form. Make sure you log in with your Google account first.

  • If you have, please select the “Blank” option with the plus icon in the left corner as shown below
how to make google forms
  • Well, my friend can start making the form that you want.
how to make google forms

In the orange box that I have marked, you can click and then write the title of your form, for example the title is “Job Application for PT. Androidphone”. So, to write your question, you can click on writing Question then fill in the question. For example, fill in “Your name”, for the answer, my friend can choose various types of answers in the options on the right. Since the question is Name, then the answer model, my friend, can be chosen “Short Answers”.

To add more questions, my friend can click the icon that we have marked the yellow box above.

  • If you have, you can also add various kinds of questions such as “Date of Birth”
tutorial for making google forms
Step-by-step tutorial for making Google Forms

Buddy can choose the answer model “Date” for later respondents can input the date, month, and year easily.

  • You can also choose other answer models such as checkbox (Checklist), Upload File, Paragraph (Narration), and others.
how to make google forms

In the picture above, we adjust the answer model according to the question. For example, the question is “Job” Then we can give some examples of job choices by choosing the answer model “Checkbox“or it could be “Multiple Choice”, also don’t forget to add “Other” as an answer that is not in the choice.

Now for questions that require long answers like the example above, namely “What is your motivation to work or apply here”, my friend can choose the answer model “Paragraph” so that later respondents can make narrations or sentences without any limitations.

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If you have finished making various kinds of questions, you can send the form by selecting the button “Send” on the menu at the top. Later my friend can copy the link to be shared.

how to make google form
Google Form link to share

There are also many other features that you can try, for example, there are features “export” which later the respondent’s answer will go directly to Excel. Now, to be able to see the answers from the respondents, you can select and click “Response” at the top. Very easy isn’t it?

The final word

Possible it is a tutorial on how to easily create a google form that contains various questions easily and quickly that we can share with friends. Thank you and good luck! ️

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