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Tutorial How to Delete Junk Files on Laptops and Computers

The tutorial on how to delete junk files on a laptop this time I deliberately discussed so that those of you who are currently having trouble removing the garbage piled up on your laptop can benefit from it. Although it sounds simple, the fact is that piles of junk files will affect laptop performance.

Maybe you often feel the laptop’s performance is slow so that the work you should have done on the laptop is neglected. When the laptop is slow, you don’t have to think too much about the cause, because it could be caused by piles of junk files.

Types of Garbage On Laptops & Computers

Please note that there are several types of garbage found on laptops and computers, namely:

  • Temporary Files
    The existence of temporary file garbage due to uninstalled applications, but some files are still left in storage space.
  • Files in Recycle Bin
    When you delete certain files on your laptop or computer, the files have not actually been deleted 100%, because they are still left in the recycle bin.
  • Cache Files
    When opening a program or application on a laptop or computer, the cache file will be stored in the computer’s memory. Well, this file then becomes garbage.

The three types of files above become trash files and burden the laptop’s performance, so that the laptop becomes slow. To overcome this, the three types of garbage must be permanently cleaned from the laptop or computer.

How to Delete Junk Files with App & Without App

Please note that currently there are several ways to delete junk files on laptops and computers that you can do. For this review I will only mention two ways, namely using the application and without the application (manually).

Using the CCleaner App

You must be familiar with this laptop or computer cleaning application, right? Because, CCleaner is the most popular junk file cleaning application today. The performance and features of this application have made it exist since its initial release in 2203 until now.

As for how to delete junk files on laptops and computers using this application are as follows:

  • First, download and install the CCleaner application first, the download link is at www.ccleaner.com/download
  • After the installation process is complete, proceed with opening the application.
  • On the right there is a tab of the Custom Clean feature (brush drawing), click that tab.
  • Then click the Run Cleaner button. Let the cleaning process run.
  • Finished.

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Removing Junk Files with the Run Feature

The next way that you can use to clean junk files on a laptop is to use the manual method by utilizing the Run feature on a laptop or computer system. The cleaning steps are as follows:

  • First, open the Run feature by pressing Windows key + R on the keyboard.
  • Then type “temp” (without the quotes). Later the file explorer will open.
  • Continue by selecting all the folders that appear, then press the Delete key on the keyboard.
  • Then press Windows key + R on the keyboard again.
  • Type %temp%. on the Run feature.
  • Once the file explorer is open, proceed with deleting all the files that appear there.
  • Finally, delete all the junk files in the Recycle Bin until they are empty.
  • Finished.

That’s the information about 2 ways to easily delete junk files on laptops and computers. The first way with the help of applications and the second way without the help of applications. You just have to choose which method you want to use.

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