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Tutorial How to Callback Friends on FF

Friends, gamers, maybe some of you don’t know how to call back friends on FF, even though they really want to do it. Therefore, in this article, I will share information on how to make a callback to friends who play FF.

Maybe some of you are wondering, why bother to call friends? The answer is, in addition to just saying hello to old friends, sometimes there are certain events that require you to call back friends in FF to get the prize.

Steps to Callback Friends on FF

Actually callback friends in FF is not too difficult, even classified as very easy. Gamers just need to do the following steps:

1.Open Free Fire

The very first step you need to do for a callback, of course, is to open the Free Fire application on the smartphone that you are using. Wait for the loading process to run until it’s finished, then log in using the FF account that you’ve been using.

2.Open Friends

After you gamers are on the main page, then you need to enter the friends menu. If you don’t know where it is, just click on the icon with a picture of two people in the top right corner. The button is positioned right on the left of the message or mail menu.

3. Enter the Call Back tab

The next step is to go to the ‘Call Back’ tab. Just click the list of tabs on the left. This tab is in fourth place.

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4.Call a Friend

After all the steps above, you can invite friends who haven’t played in a long time. To invite him, just click on the ‘Call Back’ button located at the bottom left.

5. Invite

After clicking the ‘Call Back’ button, you will be shown the accounts of your friends who have played Free Fire but have not been active for more than 14 days. Well, just continue by clicking ‘Invite’.

6.Choose Social Media

Next, gamers friends will be asked to share links to social media on the smartphone that you are using. In this case, my friend is free to choose to share on any social media, it can be WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, and Line.

Next Steps After Callback Friends on Free Fire

After doing all the procedures for calling back friends on FF mentioned above, it means that the steps that gamers have to do have been completed. Just waiting for a reaction from your friends, whether to accept the invitation or not.

If your friend longs to return to playing Free Fire, it is very likely that he will answer the invitation. But if not, then he might just ignore your invitation. While waiting, there is nothing wrong if you greet him directly by visiting his house. If you don’t know where he lives, just contact him through another contact he has.

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