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Tricks How to Watch Movies on Telegram Android and PC Easily

Buddy are you bored? And want to watch a movie but want it for free? That’s right, this article will discuss how to easily watch movies on Android Telegram!

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications today. Telegram itself is an old ‘player’ that many users have been using for a long time. This whatsapp competitor has a simple interface which makes it easy for users to use it, or the term itself is User Friendly. In addition to its simple appearance, Telegram also has the advantage that it can create groups that can accommodate up to tens of thousands of members.

Whatsapp itself can only accommodate about 200 people. In addition, Telegram has fairly good security, and the most favorite and become the talk of the people is the presence of the chat bot feature, and discussion groups where users can find groups containing lists of movies that can be played. There are even netflix movies or series, you know! Just try it now, buddy, please follow the steps below!

How to Watch Movies on Telegram

  • First, Please, my friend, install Telegram first. You can download it for free on the play store or you can click the link here!
How to Watch Movies on Android Telegram
  • If it is already, please friend run the telegram application.
  • Here you can choose Start Messaging.
How to Watch Movies on Android Telegram
  • Please buddy allow or just allow it.
How to Watch Movies on Android Telegram
  • buddy Please register first with your mobile number.
  • Later Telegram will verify your mobile number using the registration code which will be sent directly via message by Telegram.
  • Then you will enter your telegram chat page or window. if you are a new user or just installed, the chat window will be empty.
How to Watch Movies on Android Telegram
  • Now to try the feature of watching movies through groups or channels, please click the search icon in the upper right corner of the screen as shown above. later my friend will enter the search window
How to Watch Movies on Android Telegram
  • Here you can search for the title of the movie you want to watch, for example “Korean drama” or “Indonesian movie” like in the example below.
How to Watch Movies on Android Telegram
  • Yup, later a group or channel will appear containing the films that you have been looking for before. You can choose anywhere, and you can also check one by one by clicking on them.
  • To watch it, my friend can click the video and wait until the download process is complete. Or you can also watch live streaming.
How to Watch Movies on Android Telegram

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The final word

How? How easy is it to watch movies on Android Telegram? watch your favorite movies for free that can accompany you when you are bored or have nothing to do. Please follow the steps above.

Good luck! ?Don’t forget to share this article if you have friends or relatives in need! ?

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