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Totally Dead HP? Immediately Overcome With The Following Easy Way!

Mobile is an important item that we can say part of our lives, this device is so important because it becomes a place of communication and a place to get information. Moreover, the new generation of mobile phones or so-called smartphones are already so sophisticated with various slick features in them. However, there are problems that are often encountered by cellphone users, right? HP that suddenly died completely. This problem often makes some people who experience it become confused, panicked, and don’t know what to do, especially on the cellphone it contains our important data such as work or business matters.

Overcoming Total Dead HP

But it’s best not to panic right away, because we have a discussion about How to Overcome a Totally Dead Cellphone which will most likely work! But before that, my friend must first know how it can be or the cause of why the cellphone is completely dead, so usually the main problems include

some of the causes of a total dead cellphone
  1. Mobile is exposed to water or enters water; well water itself for cellphones is not water proof is something that must be avoided. Why? Because the water that enters will make the components inside occur short circuit, causing the HP to be completely dead.
  2. Malware or Viruses; This problem can also occur because you often download applications not from the official site, in this case the Google Play Store, because applications outside the official site are likely to carry malware or viruses that can damage your cellphone. or also my friend accesses arbitrary sites in which there are viruses.
  3. System Bugs; This problem can occur because of an error in your cellphone system. This can happen because you are not diligent in updating system updates so that bugs or errors occur.
  4. Defective Battery; well this problem can make your cellphone totally dead. usually a damaged battery is caused by improper or careless use, for example when it is charged while playing or not charging to full.
  5. Overheat (Heat); usually friends who like games who don’t know when this can happen. Moreover, old generation cellphones whose processors are not as good as now, over time playing can cause heat which can later damage the components of the cellphone inside.
  6. Old Cellphone Age; Like humans, cellphones also have an age. Because the components in the cellphone itself also have limited resistance and are not always good and good.

Actually, there are still many causes of completely dead cellphones, but we summarize the most common causes encountered. If you think you already know why the cause of the cellphone is completely dead, we will discuss and try to help you how to deal with a completely dead cellphone. okay right away! How to deal with this totally dead cellphone you can do in various current HP brands including, Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, ASUS, and even iPhone.

Charge the Battery for Several Hours

how to solve a totally dead cellphone can't be charged

One way to deal with a completely dead cellphone is to charge the battery. Usually the cause of the cellphone is completely dead because the battery is empty or damaged which will not turn on even if you press the button repeatedly. Well, you can try this method because the battery itself is a core component of how the cellphone can turn on.

But if the cellphone immediately overheats or overheats, remove it immediately and don’t continue it! To avoid things that are not desirable.

Leave the cellphone in the open if the cellphone is submerged in water

the cause of the total death of the cellphone
Causes of HP Dead Total Image by Dariusz Sankowski

Now this method is an easy way but is quite effective if your cellphone has been exposed to or submerged in water. How? If it’s submerged in water, don’t turn it on immediately!

Remember to keep it off! Well, shortly after being submerged in water, you can immediately remove the battery (if it’s not a planted battery), remove the SD card, and the SIM card. Then put it in an open and dry place, try to put it in a slightly warm place to speed up the process of evaporation of water, then wait for a few hours or better to wait a full day so that there is no water left in the components of the cellphone. So, if you have it, you can turn it on.

But if this method doesn’t work, my friend can see the next method in the discussion below

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Overcoming Total Dead HP With Re-flashing the Mobile System

how to fix a dead cellphone with a total planted battery

Flashing itself is a process that is intended to replace a damaged or old Android cellphone system with a system that is still normal or the latest. Flashing itself must use a laptop or PC. How to?

But before that, flashing on the cellphone itself has different ways depending on the brand of the cellphone because of the differences in the system at each provider.

Well, the general way is that you can find out through Youtube or Blogs. Because there are various ways of flashing from each cellphone. We suggest that you can search for it on YouTube, because it’s easier if it is explained with a video so that we can know step by step clearly. You can search for it with the keyword “How to Flash a cellphone (friend’s cellphone brand)”, for example “How to Flash a Totally Dead Samsung cellphone”‘

Overcoming Total Dead HP With Wiping Data Files and Cache in Recovery Mode

Recovery itself is a control system on Android where we can make deletions and changes to the system. to delete (wipe) Data and Cache through recovery, my friend can follow the method that we describe, among others:

  • First, buddy press the button Power + Volume Up + Volume Down simultaneously . Wait a few moments until the HP vibrates and goes to recovery.

Note: some cellphones have different ways of pressing the button to enter recovery mode. But the method above is the way most cellphones do.

  • If you are already logged in, you can search for the menu Wipe.
  • Well, next friend do it Wipe Data and Wipe Cache. After that, wait for the process to finish.
  • If so, turn off your cell phone via recovery.
  • Finally, turn on your cellphone again!

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In this process, you have to be patient and don’t press buttons carelessly! Because this takes time! If that doesn’t work, my friend can follow the last method below

Take it to the official service

how to solve a totally dead cellphone

Now the last way we can provide which is quite safe and has a high success rate is to bring your cellphone to the service of each cellphone, it’s up to you if you want an official one or not, but we recommend bringing your cellphone to an official service, why?

because the official service itself understands the system on the cellphone, and it will also be safe. I myself have brought my cellphone to an unofficial service, and they recommended bringing it directly to an official service provider because special components are only available there and cannot be obtained arbitrarily.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have Tried All These Ways But The HP Still Doesn’t Turn On?

If you have tried all of the methods above but it still doesn’t turn on then there are several possibilities, such as your cellphone battery that has completely dropped or is damaged so that even though it is in the charging position the battery is still not charged. Another possibility is that the cellphone got water in it so that there was a short circuit in the components inside. If it’s like this, you should take it to the official services so that the cellphone can be dismantled and the problem is known.

When Flashing, Why Does an Error Occur?

In the flashing process itself, the system version must be compatible with the device. So make sure you download the system that matches your device version so that later there will be no errors.

Why does the cellphone turn off when the battery is full?

The cause of a dead cellphone even though the battery is 100% usually occurs because there is a system error, besides that, other causes can also be due to overheating where you open several applications at once so that the system work becomes too heavy and causes overheating.

The final word

Well maybe the discussion above is a little way how to Overcome Total Dead HP, my friend who is totally dead. if you have another way or want to recommend another way, you can let us all know through the comments column below! Thanks and good luck! ?

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