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Tips on how to secure passwords when shopping online

AndroidPhone.com – In the midst of this Covid-19 Pandemic, shopping on line Many have become alternatives for the community to fulfill their needs and desires because of the social barrier (PSBB), which limits the movement of activities outside of us by the government because it is to break the ropes of spreading the virus. Surely in this case, the increase in the number of people shopping on line jumped sharply.

Tips on how to secure passwords when shopping online

Meanwhile, based on research by data company and artificial intelligence Analytic Data Advertising (ADA), shopping activity on line dramatically increased in March 2021.

This was triggered by the outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic in Indonesia since early March 2021.

The use of online shopping applications for buying and selling daily necessities to used goods has increased by up to 300 percent. It happened since the government announced the implementation social distancing and stay at home.

The peak took place on March 21-22, where online transaction activity in this type of application soared by more than 400 percent.

Speak online shopping, of course the risk of personal data security is very risky. Moreover, it was recently reported that 91 million Tokpedia user accounts were hacked hacker.

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Do not worry! we will share tips and tutorials on how to shop online safely according to cybersecurity experts Primary Persadha.

Tips on how to secure passwords when shopping online
photo source: Kaspersky.com

Here are tips for safe online shopping;

  • Secure account by changing password routinely.
  • Don’t use debit or credit cards directly, use digital wallets.
  • Enable two-step verification or two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Don’t use public or free WiFi.
  • Get in the habit of asking for stock before buying.
  • Do not forget to also look at the reputation of the store.
  • Install the latest antivirusupdates, just in case there is malware.
  • Trade only on e-commerce platform Trusted.
  • use password different for each account on line us, including e-commerce and social media
  • Don’t click link strangers carelessly, it is feared phishing.
  • Do not share OTP code that we get to anyone.
  • If you are unsure about security, you can take advantage of Firefox Monitor by clicking the https://monitor.firefox.com link. From here you can find out all shopping accounts on line or the social media you use is leaking or not. (or you can also check how in this post How to see if our account is leaking or not).

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Stay careful for shopping friends On line! Don’t forget to always keep your password and account safe from hacker attacks!

Your choice is Your Security.

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