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This is a list of dangerous FF Citer Applications to beware of

The desire to quit has caused many FF games to resort to underhanded methods such as using the FF citer application. By using this application, gamers can get lots of diamonds for free.

What are the advantages of getting a large number of diamonds for free? The answer is a big yes. The reason is, by using diamonds that are obtained for free, gamers friends can buy various items that will strengthen the Free Fire character being played.

In addition to skills, gamers need to strengthen the FF characters they play with various premium items such as skins, weapon skins, armor, magazines, and so on. Without it all, it’s hard for a gamer to get booyah.

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Beware of These 3 Dangerous FF Citer Applications

FF citer application

Playing honestly is much better for gamers. In addition to not being involved in sinful acts for doing illegal things, your gamer friend’s account is also safer from being banned. Not a few FF gamers have to feel the bitterness of being permanently banned due to the illegal actions they have committed.

1. Bellara VIP

This application is one of the most popular applications among Free Fire gamers. The reason is, by using this application, gamers can do various types of hacks that make it easy to booyah. Among the types of hacks that can be done are speed hacks, auto headshots, ESP hacks, and so on.

At first glance tempting, so not a few FF gamers who try the application. As a result, in the not too distant future, FF accounts that use this application are permanently banned.

2. Lulubox FF Cheat APK

This citer application is often used by FF gamers who want to hack skins on Free Fire. Imagine how much profit a gamer will get if he is able to get premium skins for free.

At first glance, the perpetrators may think that this does not harm others. In fact, it is clear that Garena was harmed by this act. Not to mention that this is a form of injustice to other gamers who play honestly and buy premium skins using diamonds obtained legally through top ups or something else.

3.Tool Skin Free Fire

This FF citer application is widely used by FF gamers who want to change the background appearance on the game Lobby page. In addition, by using this application, gamers can modify character skins and weapon skins.

This citer application is not available on the Google Play Store because it is a third-party application that is categorized as a form of hacking or cheating by the Garena system. As a result, users of this application can be permanently banned from their FF account.

In addition to the three applications above, there are actually a lot of dangerous FF citer applications that FF gamers must watch out for and stay away from, for example the Lucky Patcher application, Galaxy Macro FF Cheat APK, Brote Mod Free Fire, and others.

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