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This is how easy it is to check the BPJS Employment Balance via cellphone

If you are a worker, according to the law, you are entitled to get or be registered as a participant of BPJS Employment, and the contribution is paid by the company where you work.

Not only that, if you are an entrepreneur or don’t work under a company, you can also join BPJS Employment by paying the dues independently.

If you are already registered with BPJS Employment, you can easily check your balance using your cellphone, it’s pretty good to see how much balance has been filled there. For this reason, we discuss how to view the BPJS Employment balance using only a cellphone.

How to Check BPJS Employment Balance with the BPJSTKU Application

An easy way to check BPJS Employment balance on a cellphone using the official BPJSTKU application, Android users can download it on Google PlayStore and iOS on the Apps Store.

On Google Play, the BPJSTKU application has been downloaded more than 10 million downloads, and has only 3.4 star ratings. Maybe because at that time the application had an error problem, so many people were disappointed because it was difficult to check the balance.

Now, how to check the BPJS Employment balance using a cellphone with the BPJSTKU application, you can see the step by step below.

  1. Make sure you are registered with BPJS Employment, to make sure you can ask the HRD where you work and ask for the membership number because this will be used to register in the application
  2. Download the BPJSTKU application according to the cellphone you are using, if Android is on Google Play, if iOS is on the Apps Store.
  3. Then if you don’t have a BPJSTKU account, please select the menu BPJSTKU User Registration
  4. Choose your type of participation, if you are a worker, please choose Wage Recipient
  5. Enter all the requested data, yes, the form will have your name, date of birth and NIK KTP
  6. Enter the membership number that you already have
  7. Enter an active email and an active mobile number that will be used for verification
  8. Enter the verification code received via SMS to create a password on the BPJSTKU application

After you have registered and have a BPJSTKU account, please login to check your BPJS Employment balance. If the login is successful, select the menu “View Balance” and you will be presented with the amount of balance that has been collected.

BPJSTKU my balance
Menu Check Balance on BPJSTKU

To see the details, please click on the balance, the details paid by the company will appear. Oh hey, make sure your Android phone runs with a minimum OS of Android 5.0 Lollipop so that the application runs smoothly.

How to Check BPJS Employment Balance by SMS

If your cellphone can’t run the BPJSTKU application or encounters errors or often exits the BPJSTKU application, you can check the BPJS Employment balance using SMS.

This method is quite simple, but it should be noted that you have credit to send SMS messages.

To check the BPJS Employment balance, the SMS format used is as follows: REGISTER(space)BALANCE#KTP number#NAME#Date of birth#Participant number, then send SMS to 2757

Make sure to format the date of birth as dd-mm-yy (eg for January 1, 1990 means: 01-01-90).

After sending the message, you will get a reply from BPJS containing a thank you along with your ID number.

Then you can check your JHT balance by replying to an sms with the format BALANCE (space) PARTICIPANT NUMBER, send to 2757. After that, wait for a while until you receive a reply from BPJS Ketenagakerjaan in the form of the accumulated balance.

The BPJS Employment Balance Check SMS service can be done using Telkomsel, XL, and Indosat operators.

How to Change HP Number on BPJS Employment

It’s different if you want to change your cellphone number, you can also do it via SMS. Format: REGISTER(space)CHANGE(space)HP#Old Mobile Number#KTP Number, send to 2757.

Besides that, you can change your PIN too, the format is REGISTER(space) CHANGE(space)#Old Pin#New PIN sent to 2757.

The final word

So, my friend, which way to check the BPJS Employment Balance do you prefer? Through the BPJSTKU application or via SMS? I myself prefer to use the application, so I don’t bother typing SMS if I want to check my balance.

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