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These are the Terms and How to Open a Blu by BCA Digital Savings

How to Open a Blu Savings Account by Bank BCA Digital – Having an account at a bank today is not only used for saving, but also for various other purposes. Especially for digital-based needs, such as online buying and selling transactions, digital bill payments, and so on. professionals who have worked, banks become their medium for receiving salaries.

Therefore, as a person who certainly doesn’t want to be so far behind with all the conveniences and creative digital-based innovations like this, having a savings account is no longer in vain. This can be done through an online or digital system, so you don’t need to queue at the bank anymore to take care of it.

One of the banks that is currently being discussed quite often regarding the output of its digital products, namely the BCA bank. This bank, which has many branches, has also provided digital services to customers and prospective customers who are just about to open an account. For that, please listen to the following review on how to open a BCA Digital bank savings account.

Overview of Blu by Bank BCA Digital Savings

how to open a BCA Digital savings bank

So far, maybe you and several other people are certainly familiar with digital banking products, such as SMS Banking, Internet banking, and mobile banking. These products are generally already available in almost all major banks in Indonesia, no with the exception of the BCA bank, of course, which is also often discussed regarding the output of its digital innovations.

But instead of just providing you with digital banking services where the savings products are the same as savings products that can be obtained through regular regular services, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk has issued a Digital Bank product called Blu, where not only the services are present in digital form, but also the form of the savings product itself is digital.

One of the advantages offered by this BCA digital savings product is that it can open various sub accounts. It is possible for a customer to have up to 10 sub accounts in one account. The main advantage is being able to help customers manage their financial condition and savings. In this case, customers are able to separate or group a number of their income or savings according to their needs. That way, the flow of money expenditure can also be more efficient.

In addition, in an effort to strengthen its digital ecosystem, BCA Digital itself in launching the Blu product also cooperates with e-commerce Blibli as the exclusive partner for these products. This collaboration is certainly not without presenting its own advantages for their customers, where Blibli customers besides being able to access Blu digital banking services at any time, there are various other shopping benefits that can be obtained, such as free shipping, original and quality products, guaranteed returns, and services. Customer Care 24/7.

Because this BCA Digital product is fairly new, don’t worry about the registration mechanism. The procedure for opening Blu by Bank BCA Digital savings is also almost the same as opening other BCA savings products. Of course, the requirements needed are also not far from the general requirements that exist in other savings procedures.

Features and Benefits of Blu by BCA Digital

how to open a BCA Digital savings bank

The main advantages of the Blu application as an output product of BCA Digital have basically been mentioned previously. This BCA digital bank product is here to facilitate customers’ banking affairs, especially in regulating the direction of their savings needs. Therefore, various features are presented by this application, such as including the Savings feature, bluAccount, bluSaving, bluGether, bluDeposit, to bluRewards.

In addition to how to open a BCA Digital savings account, it is quite easy, and when it is used, customers can open several sub accounts in one account they have, there are several other advantages that customers can get. These other benefits include:

  1. Free admin fees when transferring to and from BCA.
  2. Free administration fee for transfers to other banks up to 20 times per month.
  3. There are no fees for cash withdrawals at BCA ATMs.
  4. Free GoPay top up fee.
  5. The UI in the Blu app is quite attractive with easy navigation.
  6. You are not required to become a BCA customer first to register an account.

How to Open a Blu by BCA Digital Savings

If you want to start registration as a BCA Digital customer, as the first step in the procedure for opening a BCA Digital savings account, you need to have the Blu application on your cellphone. This application is quite easy to find, which is enough to access the Playstore and search for an application with the name Blu by BCA Digital. In addition to this application, there are several other requirements that must be met, some of which are:

  • Is an Indonesian citizen and has no tax obligations abroad.
  • Have an identity card in the form of an E-KTP that is still active and feasible.
  • Prospective customers are at least 17 years old when registering.
  • Have a personal and active email address, and must be connected to a smartphone that will be used to register.
  • Have an active cellphone number for the verification process.
  • Dress neatly during face verification and video calls.
  • Provide NPWP if any.

After fulfilling the requirements above, then you can register through the Blu application which is installed and ready to use on your smartphone. But before going to that stage, you need to make sure that the internet connection on your cellphone is in a stable condition. Because all digital processes will take place online. The details on how to open a BCA Digital savings account are as follows:

  1. Open the Blu by BCA Digital application that has been downloaded.
  2. Click the “Let’s Get Started!” button on the front page of the application.
  3. After that, enter the cellphone number that is still active in the column provided.
  4. Please first read the terms and conditions if you have time, then click “Continue” to continue.
  5. Only then, a verification code will be sent to the registered number, then use the code to verify the number in the application.
  6. Next, fill in the email field along with the referral code/voucher if any.
  7. Then click the “Continue” button and create a password for your Blu Buddy account.

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Up to this point, you are actually said to have created an account on the Blu application. However, how to open a BCA Digital savings account does not end here. You still need to go through a few more steps to get status as a customer at BCA Digital Bank. However, because the next stage is related to personal data verification, it’s a good idea for you to have prepared all the requirements mentioned above. The next stages are:

  1. Photo of your ID card and also a photo of your face with sufficient or bright lighting.
  2. Next, check the column “I don’t have/don’t have a TIN”, then click the “Continue” button.
  3. Next, please select the “BCA customer” option if you are a previous customer, or “not a BCA customer” if it is your first time opening a BCA savings account.
  4. Next, fill in the form fields for personal data, address, and work.
  5. Check your data again, then read all the terms and conditions that apply, and wait for further directions by the application.
  6. Generally, at this stage, you will be asked to make a video call with BCA bank customer service to verify your personal data. For that, make sure you are ready and at least dress neatly and politely.
  7. How to open a BCA Digital savings bank the last one, namely by following directions from customer service who will guide you through video calls.

That’s the review of the terms and how to open a BCA Digital bank savings account in this post. Hopefully useful, especially for those who want to open a savings account in that place but don’t know how. If there is an emergency or there are problems, please contact the BCA Call Center.

What is Blu By BCA Digital?

Blu is a Digital Bank banking application issued by a subsidiary of PT Bank Centeral Asia Tbk named PT Bank Digital BCA.

How to Open a Blu by BCA Digital Savings Account?

The trick is to simply install the Blu By BCA Digital application and register, don’t forget to prepare a photo of your ID card.

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