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There are Arknights, these are 5 free mobile games to fill quarantine time

Tired of having to stay at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak? do not worry. Here’s 5 mobile games free that you can play to relieve boredom.

This game is really on the rise. The genre of this game is tower defense where you act as a doctor who is assigned to set strategy and send a team containing unique and strong members who aim to protect the area from enemies that are no less powerful.

Indeed this game does not provide features multiplayer, but you can discuss with friends about what tactics are used to complete difficult levels and what are the team compositions. Combined with a clean UI and stunning BGM, this game will make you lose track of time.

Another Eden may be quite different from other mobile games. When other games provide even highlight features multiplayer, Another Eden emphasizes the experience single player.

Yes. Mobile Games this one does not provide the added friend feature or other features because this WFS game really wants to provide a traditional JRPG playing experience. Of course features gacha still there but not a necessity.

This game was made by 2 people who used to work on Chrono Trigger. Another Eden tells the story of a young man named Aldo who must travel through time to restore a lost future. By the way, there are samurai frogs too, like in Chrono Trigger

The main feature of this game is of course the traditional JRPG experience that is packaged as simply as possible so that you can stay comfortable playing on your smartphone. Tired of grinding? You can collect cats. Not only that, you can also take part in a collaboration event with Persona 5 where later you can get Joker and Morgana for free. This event is permanent, which means you can enjoy it anytime.

Digital board games? Why not? Catan Universe is mobile games which departed from a board games entitled The Settler of Catan. This game can be played multiplayer up to 4 people. You are the chief of a tribe who came to an island and you immediately built a civilization.

The goal of the game is to get 10 points to win. The trick is to build roads, territories, and cities. gimmick The main feature of this game is the barter feature between players where you can ask other players to exchange your natural resources which will later be used to build roads and cities. You are free to determine the exchange rate. But be careful! because there are robbers who are ready to rob your natural resources.

Rhythm game This Bushiroad is indeed very popular among weeds because of the sheer volume of anime and J-pop cover songs. However, the original songs are no less cool. It was proven by the song LOUDER, Rosellia’s Fire Bird, which successfully hypnotized the fans.

BanG Dream! it can be played together on line. You can make an appointment to make a private room so you won’t be disturbed by other players or casually join a random room. More than 40 songs are ready to accompany you until your smartphone battery runs out.

This game, which was inspired by Die by Daylight, is still being played. The concept of this game is 4 VS 1 where you as survivalr must work together to escape from a place, while hunter must thwart action survivor.

With a knitted doll-style character design, of course, you and your friends will be ready to drink on the side because you are tired of screaming.

How? Hopefully these 5 free mobile games don’t make you bored. Of course, always take care of your health. Please provide your comments about this article below.

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