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The Easy Way To Convert RAR Files To ISO 100% Will Work

Buddy is confused and looking for a way to convert RAR files into ISO format files? That’s right, this article is the answer.

Before that, you need to know that Rar is a compressed file format that allows several files to be collected into one smaller size with unlimited compression size.

Well As for the ISO itself or also referred to as disc image is a file format that can accommodate data in the form of a CD / DVD image and can be stored in digital form.

How to Convert RAR Files to ISO Files

Sometimes we get a job or task that allows RAR files to be converted to ISO or in the form of discs. If we don’t know how, our work will be hampered. Okay, without lingering, we will give you a way to convert Rar format files into ISOs that are easy for you to understand! Make sure to watch until the end!

Download Software Extract RAR to ISO

How to Convert RAR Files to ISO Files

The first way, my friend who definitely has to prepare a laptop first.

  • Here you have to download or download the software AnyToISO then install it on your laptop.
  • To download it, my friend, please visit the official page at the following link https://www.crystalidea.com/anytoiso. Don’t worry, this application is free!
  • Next, if you have downloaded AnyToIso, you can directly install it.
  • To install it, my friend just go to download, then click the file and then click next next.
  • Don’t forget to select or tick I accept the agreement, after that my friend can click Next return.
  • The install button will appear, just click on it. Here, my friend has to wait until the installation process is complete! Try not to close.

Extract RAR File to ISO on PC with AnyToISO

convert rar to iso online

If you have finished installing the AnyToIso software, you can open it immediately. A little information, that this software can not only convert rar to iso, but also supports several other formats such as 7Z, BIN, DAA, DEB, DMG, IMG, ISO, ISZ, MDF, NRG, PKG, RAR, TAR.GZ, TAR. BZ2, XAR, and ZIP. Cool, right?

  • First, please run the AnyToISO application.
  • If you have, my friend can enter the menu “Extract/Convert File to ISO”
  • Then you can select “Open Images” or “Open Image” then buddy select rar file which you want to convert to iso, here, my friend, click the button Open.

Later, by default, the storage location for the extracted files is usually together with the RAR file, but you can also save it in another folder. How to?

The trick is that you can click “Open ISO” then buddy can specify the storage folder, then don’t forget to click Save.

  • Next, to start the process of extracting the rar file to iso, here you can select it or click the button Conversion or Convert.
  • Now, your rar file has been successfully converted to Iso.

Here you can click the link “here” the blue one to open the directory where the iso file is stored.

How to Convert RAR Files to ISO Files

  • In the image below, this is the result
  • Finally, you can click Exit to close the AnyToISO window.

How? Easy isn’t it?

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But in addition to the above method, my friend can also use the method of converting rar to other iso with the same software above. Curious how?

Another way to convert RAR files into ISO files

  • First, find the RAR file that you want to convert to ISO on your laptop.
  • If you have found it, you can right-click on the rar file. Then you can choose “Convert to”.iso”like the picture below.
rar to iso
  • Later on your laptop will automatically enter the AnyToISO window. Here immediately appears the page to convert the rar file to iso.
  • Please, my friend, convert the RAR file, the method is the same as above.

How? It’s easy, right? The point is, my friend must have the AnyToIso application or software first to be able to practice it.

The final word

Hopefully the above discussion is how to change the RAR file to Iso can be easily understood and followed by my friend, yes. If you have another way, please share it with all of us via the comments column below. Okay, thanks and good luck! ?

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