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The Best FF Player in Indonesia, Which is Your Mainstay?

For those of you who are curious about the names of the best FF players in Indonesia, this time I will mention their names and a little explanation about them. Gamers will be able to learn from them about the Free Fire game.

Since the emergence of this battle royale game, many of the best gamers have emerged in the pro player category. This is due to their expertise and skill in this game and their success in dominating every battle. Alright, so my friend is not too curious, here are the names of the best FF players in Indonesia.

Details of the 3 Best FF Player Names in Indonesia

Lieutenant Hyper

Lieutenant Hyper
image credit : Dailyspin.id

The first best FF player in Indonesia is Letda Hyper. This pro player uses the MP40 as its flagship weapon. No wonder Letda’s skill and skill in using this weapon is very good.

Unfortunately, at this time Letda has retired from the Free Fire game and is focusing on developing his Youtube Channel. Initially the channel focused on Free Fire content, but in the course of its content it did not only focus on Free Fire content.

Dyland Pros

Dyland Pros
Image credit : indoesports.com

If you have been in the Free Fire game for a long time, of course you will be familiar with the name Dyland Pros. Yes, that’s right, the average old gamer must know this sultan of Free Fire. His expertise in playing Free Fire makes him one of the best Indonesian players for the Free Fire game.

The greatness of Dyland Pros in playing Free Fire is not only recognized by domestic FF gamers, but also abroad. In fact, overseas esports news had mentioned this pro player.

In addition to being the best FF player in Indonesia, Dyland Pros is also included in the ranks of the world’s top FF players today. The reason is, he managed to reach the Heroic Rank with a total of 25089 points. So it is not surprising that Dyland Pros is one of the famous pro players at home and abroad.

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Onic Amek

Onic Amek
Image credit : ff.garena.co.id

If you gamers often watch Free Fire tournaments, of course you will be familiar with this one figure. Yes, the pro player is known as Onic Amek. His prowess in playing the Free Fire game is unquestionable. The reason is, in the Free Fire Master Tournament in Season 2, Onic Amek managed to hold the title of Predator.

How not to be nicknamed that, Onic Amek at that time managed to achieve 118 Kills and played very aggressively. So until now Onic Amek has always been included in a National and International Tournament.


Those are the names of the three best FF players in Indonesia and a brief explanation of them and their abilities in the Free Fire game. Of course, the skills they have are not obtained in a short time, but are always honed and developed from time to time. Because, nothing is instant in the life of this world except instant noodles.

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