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Telegram's Silent Feature and How to Use It

The instant messaging app Telegram recently released its latest update for Android and iOS devices. This latest update brings a number of new features that are certainly innovative. An eye-catching feature is the ability to send messages silently. By using this feature, users can send messages, but the recipient’s cellphone or device will not make a notification sound.

How to use Telegram’s silent feature?

The method is quite easy, users only need to hold down the send button or send to select the sending option without sound.

With this silent sending feature, it will certainly be very useful, especially if we want to send messages when the recipient is sleeping, in a meeting or the recipient is in class, so the notification sound will be very disturbing.

The use of this silent feature only removes sound notifications but the screen notifications still appear so that the recipient is still aware of the received message.

Features Video Thumbnails and Timestamps for Groups

Not only does it add a silent sending feature, Telegram also adds a video thumbnails and timestamps feature for group purposes, one of the features can function as a slow mode delivery controller.

With slow mode, users can choose the time interval between messages so the group is not flooded with messages that are too fast for members to follow.

In addition, groups can also have admin titles. Now here the group admins can do custom titles which will appear next to the name of each message sent in the managed group.

Animated Emojis

In this update, Telegram also brings certain animated emojis such as the love and thumbs emoji that come with animations, when tapping on each of these emojis will issue animations and can even vibrate the device in a heartbeat pattern.

Telegram iOS and Android versions

The iOS version of Telegram comes with accent color settings for each user’s dark themes.

As for Android, it comes with a new attachment menu, with a larger grid view and thumbnail view.

If you want to experience some new features, the latest Telegram update is rolling out for Android and iOS, so check out the latest updates on each device you use.

The final word

Telegram comes with new innovations which are certainly different from its competitor application, WhatsApp, will Telegram be able to catch up with the popularity of WA? You can give your opinion in the comments page below.

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