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Sample Letter of Offer of Goods and How to Make It

Sample Letter of Offer of Goods – Production results in the form of merchandise or products are certainly not immediately known by potential customers. Need to promote and introduce the product to them. Well, one way that can be done is to make a letter of offer of goods.

If you have been in the business for a long time, of course you are familiar with the term offer letter and have experience in making it. But if your business is just running and it’s the first time you are going to make an offer letter, of course you need to see a sample offer letter so you can get an idea of ​​how to make it.

As the name suggests, a letter of offer of goods or a letter of offer of a product is written with the aim of offering goods or products to potential consumers. In writing, there are rules and regulations that must be observed.

How to Prepare Goods Offer Letter

In addition to paying attention to the rules and regulations in writing an offer letter, you also have to know how to properly arrange it. Therefore, before discussing further about an example of an offer letter for goods/products, below I will mention how to compile it:

  • The writing uses official Indonesian language, is short, concise, and clear.
  • Include the identity of the sender of the offer letter.
  • Introducing the type of goods/products you want to offer.
  • Include product details and prices offered.
  • Include the address of the offer letter.
  • Include the full name and signature of the sender of the offer letter.

Components of Goods Offer Letter

When writing an offer letter, there are several components that must be considered. If you pay attention to examples of price offer letters or examples of goods offer letters that are widely shared on the internet, you can clearly see the existence of these components.

The details of the components in question are as follows:

Information on Sender of Goods Offer Letter

The mention of the sender’s identity is an important component in the letter of offer of goods. Because it shows the professionalism of the business you are running. Therefore, in the letter of offer of goods, you must introduce the name of the company you are running, the address of the company, and the line of business you are running.

Items Offered

In the letter of offer of goods, it must be stated what products are offered and how much stock they have. That way, the recipient of the letter can consider how many items/products he will order.

Give Promo Price

Because it is in the form of an offer, of course you have to provide a promo price for the goods offered. Do not immediately offer normal prices, because after all, potential consumers do not know the quality of the goods/products offered. Of course, with the promo price, it is likely that the recipient of the offer letter is interested in buying it.

Payment method

Clearly state the payment methods available for the goods/products you offer. The more payment methods, the better, because potential customers can choose the payment method that is easiest for them.

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Product Information Appendix

The most important point that also needs to be included in the goods offer letter is detailed information regarding the products you offer. Provide a clear description of the product. Also include clear pictures so that the recipient of the letter really gets a clear picture of the goods/products offered to him.

Thus the mention of an example of a letter of offer of goods, how to compile it, as well as the important components that must be considered. Because this is closely related to whether or not the goods you offer are sold, the offer letter must be made as much as possible.

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