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Preview Blade & Soul Revolution, New MMORPG Finally Arrived!

Netmarble will release Blade & Soul Revolution for global servers, including Indonesia soon. What do you need to know about this legendary MMORPG? Following preview we related the game Blade & Soul Revolution.

Blade & Soul Revolution has arrived in Indonesia!

After waiting for eight years, Blade & Soul finally arrived in Indonesia with the title Blade & Soul: Revolution! The MMORPG game that was first released in South Korea in 2012 and opened for American servers in 2021 can now be played on your mobile! The game retains the overall quality of 3D graphics and large-scale content the same as the updated PC version so it can work well on mobile devices.

In stark contrast to the computer version, NawaReaders only has to play the game via a personal cellphone and develop your heroes as you wish. Because it is easy to carry and can be played anywhere, NawaReaders can explore the world of Blade & Soul more freely.

What does Blade & Soul Revolution offer?

blade & soul revolution 2

This exclusive version of the phone brings several distinctive features franchise the game. Adventure exploring is not difficult to navigate the continents in this game because it is assisted by windwalking! There is also a 16-player Raid, adventure together with players to hunt for treasure!

In addition, the Arena feature colors the excitement of this game, where you can pit your skills against other warriors. If you don’t feel satisfied with the Arena, there is something even bigger, namely Faction War! One of these new features allows you to fight with your alliance mates like a big war!

In the part of the story that you can follow, your hero has an important role in developing the storyline of the game’s story as a whole. The excitement of the intrigue story involving your warriors makes this game very worthy of being named the best game in its home country, South Korea!

Many classes to choose from!

For beginners who are new to the game, Blade and Soul Revolution offers a large selection of races and classes that you can choose from.

The nations of the world of Blade & Soul are very diverse; they consist of Jin, a human race that adapts to all classes; Gon, a descendant of the dragon god who has supernatural blood; Yun, a female-only sect that has its own elegance, and Lyn, a race of dwarves who excel in magical powers.

The various classes that will be present you can choose when the game comes out later are Blade Master, the swordsman; Force Master, the magical wizard; Kung Fu Master, bare-handed fighter, and Destroyer, class tanker the best in this game.

Have you pre-registered yet?

blade & soul revolution 1

In preview Blade & Soul: Revolution itself, this game has opened pre-registration for you, NawaReaders, who are eager to become a true warrior. You just have to visit pre-registration page here or directly to your phone’s app store, via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There will be various prizes waiting for you after you register!

Then, so that NawaReaders don’t miss the latest news directly from Blade&Soul: Revolution, you need to visit Blade & Soul: Revolution official Facebook. There, you will find some information about the minimum specifications for your cellphone to be able to play the game, to the characters that will appear in the game itself. Other information is also available at Netmarble Indonesia’s official YouTube channel so that you can get used to getting to know your class later.

So, what are you waiting for NawaReaders? Don’t forget to register yourself now before it closes!

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