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Overcome a Full HP Internal Memory Easily and Quickly!

How to Overcome a Full HP Mobile Internal Memory – Smartphone technology cannot be separated from the presence of memory technology which makes storage so large with such a small physical size. Now the memory on a cellphone is like a brain in humans that can store files or data. Memory is divided into two types, namely internal memory and external memory.

Internal memory is the default memory that is embedded in the cellphone, and the external memory itself is the memory that we can insert into our cellphones to help increase storage space. So what if the phone’s internal memory is full? How to handle it?

Most smartphone users have experienced the same problem, namely the full internal memory which makes the cellphone unable to save files and also slows down performance. But don’t worry! We have a way for friends how How to Overcome a Full Internal Memory. Interested? Check it out below!

Overcoming HP Internal Memory Full

Overcoming HP Internal Memory Full

Well here you can start following how to overcome a full internal memory, make sure you watch it until the end, don’t let any steps you skip so the problem can be solved easily.

Here’s the review:

Clear App Cache

Overcoming HP Internal Memory Full

One way that you can do is to clear the app cache. Cache itself is the rest of the data that we no longer use. Usually the cache will accumulate after we have used several applications for example such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and online games.

These applications carry a large cache, so if they are not diligently cleaned, they will accumulate and make the internal HP full. Well make sure my friend to delete it. For some devices, the method may be different, but in general, you can follow the steps below:

How to?

  • First, go to Settings on your cellphone or you can select the gear icon.
  • Then scroll down and select menu “App Management”
  • If you have, click on all applications or some that you think you often access.
  • Then click the application that you want to choose, and select “Storage Usage”
  • And there must be a choice.”Clear Cache”, you can click to delete it.
  • Finished!

This way your HP internal memory will be a little relieved because it has deleted the cache that has accumulated. If it doesn’t work, my friend can look at other ways.

Check Whatsapp Data

Overcoming HP's Internal Memory Full of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the applications that has the most high usage activity, this is what makes WA file garbage pile up and stored in memory so that the internal memory on the cellphone becomes full. Especially for friends who have many groups whose contents share various media such as documents, photos, videos and Voice Notes. So, for that, you have to check and delete unnecessary data on a regular basis.

How do I delete it? Here’s how.

  • First, you can open File Manager on your cellphone
  • Then select or click “Phone Storage” or “Phone Storage”
  • Scroll down and then open the WhatsApp folder. There will be a lot of files there. You can delete what you don’t need or don’t need anymore.

Notes: Make sure you don’t delete the data in the databases folder! Because if you delete it, you will likely experience important data loss and cause WHATSAPP errors! And also make sure you also have to transfer important data first. The method can be seen here.

Another way is that you can delete it directly from Whatsapp, the method is as follows:

  • Login to Whatsapp
  • Open a group or chat room chat with friends
  • Check unimportant document files by clicking on the Media option
  • Select the file you want to delete. If you want to delete everything, click the three-dot icon in the chat room, then click the “Delete entire chat” option, click the “delete all chats including media and starred messages” option.
  • Then the file was cleaned successfully!

Besides WhatsApp, if you are also a user of other social media such as Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram, you should also check the data from the application.

Delete Unimportant Photos and Videos

Overcome Full HP Internal Memory By Delete Video

If my friend asks why does the internal memory fill up quickly? One of them is the large number of photos and videos on your cellphone, and this is the most common cause, for that you must regularly delete photos and videos that you think are not important.

Still relate to the previous method, usually a lot of photos that we don’t want come from Whatsapp. So for that, my friend can deactivate the mode of downloading photo or video files automatically. So if a friend or group sends a photo or video, the file will not be downloaded automatically and you have to download it manually.

Use Cleaner App

Overcoming HP Internal Memory Full With Cleaner

Another way to deal with a full internal memory is by using a Cleaner Application. Usually every cellphone already has a cleaner application, but usually on some cellphones the default cleaner application is less effective, you know!

Therefore, we recommend that you download the Cleaner application through the Google Play Store. Almost all free cleaner applications, apart from being free, some of the cleaner applications also have additional features besides clearing cache, such as managing files that are still useful or not, cleaning data trash regularly or periodically, and many others.

Maybe you can try this one way to solve the problem of full internal memory on your cellphone. you can search in the Play Store with the keyword or keyword “Cleaner”.

Overcome Full HP Internal Memory By Delete SMS

Usually, many of us are lazy or reluctant to delete SMS, because we think they are not very important. Don’t get me wrong! usually very lazy and ignore SMS, later these messages will accumulate and will affect the internal storage space on our cellphones!

So from now on, try to regularly delete inbox and outbox messages on your cellphone! guaranteed to increase your internal storage space!

Clear Rarely Used Application Data

Overcome Full HP Internal Memory By Delete Applications

Well here is usually the problem that is quite influential! Large application data takes up quite a bit of our storage space, especially applications that we rarely use and may not really need. Try my friend go to Settings then select Application management or you can see in method number 1 above. You can delete data that you think you don’t need or don’t really need!

Especially online and offline games, usually games have quite a large amount of data! But if the game has an account, it’s best if you memorize your account to log back in! Unfortunately, later on, your cool friend’s account will be wasted if you can’t log in again.

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Overcoming HP Internal Memory Full of Add External Memory or SD Card

Overcome HP's Internal Memory Is Full By Adding an SD Card

The next way to overcome a full internal memory is to use external memory, this device can help our cellphones in terms of storage, especially large files such as videos and photos. From now on, my friend can try this method so that the internal memory on your cellphone is not cramped anymore! It’s not good if the performance of our cellphones becomes sluggish due to the lack of storage space. External memory that we recommend for friends to buy is at least 16Gb. Why?

Because if you buy one under 16GB, it feels very bearable because the files and application updates that are getting so big will be the same as filling up the storage space! Isn’t it very good? After you use the external memory, there is another step so that the camera results can enter the memory. The method is below.

Overcoming HP Internal Memory Full of Setting Camera Storage to SD Card

Overcoming a Full HP Internal Memory By Moving Storage

Another way is to set camera storage to SD Card. Well, if you already have an external memory or SD Card, you can set the storage to the SD Card. Why?

Because later your photo or video shots will go directly to the SD Card, so your internal memory will be safe and won’t be full! How to?

Buddy can open your camera and then enter the menu “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon. Well, my friend, usually it says “Move storage to SD card”. We recommend trying it!

Factory Reset

Overcoming HP Internal Memory Full With Factory Reset

Well, the last one is the most extreme and the most influential way. If you want to delete all the data on your cellphone, especially if your cellphone is a 2 year old cellphone, you can be sure there is a lot of garbage if you have never cleaned regularly, you can really choose this method, which is to reset or reset settings. factory which later all data on your cellphone will be erased. How to?

  • Entered into Settings or you can click the gear icon on your cellphone
  • Scroll down, then tap Additional Settings.
  • Then tap Backup & reset.
  • Then tap Factory reset.
  • Tap reset phone.
  • Finished.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Solving HP Internal Memory Full

Will I Lose All Data If I Factory Reset?

Answer: Of course, because a factory reset itself is made to reset or restore the device to its original state when it was first purchased. Make sure you backup important data first. If it’s been backed up, just reset it. Guaranteed HP buddy will be relieved and light like new!

Already Cleared App Data, But Why Less Less?

Answer: Make sure you also clear the cache of the application. For example the Instagram or Tik Tok applications, these kinds of applications have a large cache because they store video data that we have previously played. So, my friend can delete the data and cache.

Does HP’s Default Cleaner App Work?

Answer: It depends, some HP brands such as Samsung have automatic cleaner and optimization features that are useful for removing junk or cache junk that has accumulated. If your device has optimization features, please try it. If it doesn’t have a big effect, you can use additional applications.

The final word

Well maybe the discussion above is how to solve a full HP internal memory which we have managed to summarize. Pretty easy and simple right? If you have another way, let us all know in the comments below! Good luck!

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