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No Need to Come to the Bank, Here's How to Open a BRI Account Online

Do you want to open a BRI account but are lazy to queue for a long time at the bank? Do not worry! Today’s era is sophisticated, you can take advantage of online features to open a BRI account quickly and easily!

Acceleration of technology, making everything digitized. Now there are a lot of e-commerce such as Shopee, Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and others that offer goods like a market but online and people can visit anytime and anywhere.

With this, transactions will automatically become online. Now with online transactions, we can pay through various methods, such as direct transfers from banks, through digital wallets, through minimarkets, or COD.

But it seems that if we pay from the minimarket, we have to go hotly to the minimarket without paying the parking fee, also waiting in line again. Instead of being complicated, it’s easier to use a bank transfer with e-banking or through a digital wallet.

Of course this is not a problem for people who already have an account, but it is a problem for those of you who don’t have an account. So instead of having trouble going forward, you can find out how to open a BRI account online here!

How to Open a BRI Account Online?

Through E-form

How to Open a BRI Account Online

The first way to open a BRI online account that you can try is by using the BRI electronic form. Now, you can open a BRI account via the internet by accessing the form page here > https://eform.bri.co.id/home .

In this form, you will be able to register for opening a savings account, time deposit, foreign exchange and Customer Fund Account (RDN).
The cool thing is that you also have the opportunity to create a BritAma, Simpedes, Simpedes TKI and Junio ​​savings account. You can also open a BRI Rupiah Deposit and BRI Foreign Currency Deposit account by accessing form BRI.

Here are the steps or how to open a BRI Online account via: form:

  • First, please open the browser on your cellphone or PC. We recommend that you use a PC to make it more comfortable.
  • If so, my friend can visit the page eform.bri.co.id
  • Now here, my friend, please select the top menu option, namely “Account opening
  • Then, my friend, select the type of account you want to use (on the left side of the screen)
  • Please, my friend, select “Registration” (under account description)
  • Later there will be terms and conditions for opening an account, make sure you read it first so you don’t get it wrong.
  • Then you can check the box below, if you agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click “Open an account” (below the checkbox)
  • After that select “No”, because my friend does not have an account before. But if you have, choose otherwise.
  • Now there will be a form that you must fill out, please fill in the available form. make sure it’s filled in correctly!
  • Later, a confirmation page will appear and a reference number that can be used to activate registration at the nearest BRI branch.
  • Finished!

How? Isn’t it easy enough to open an online account?

Via Bukarekening.bri.co.id

How to Open a BRI Account Online

Another way apart from the e-form like the example above, you can also use the website directly. For opening a BritAma savings account, BritAma Black and BritAma Silver card options are available.

As for customers who choose BritAmaX savings accounts, there are three choices: BritAmaX Gentleman, BritAmaX Ladies and BritAmaX Basketball. Well, my friend can choose which one is comfortable for you to use.

The cool thing is that through this new BRI website, if you use the above method, you first activate the bank, here you or your customer can open an account with Face Recognition and Digital Signature technology. Therefore, my friend does not have to bother and queue at the bank office.

Curious how it works? Here’s how to open a BRI Online account via the website:

  • First, please open the browser on your cellphone.
  • If so, please visit the website Bukarekening.bri.co.id
  • Furthermore, if you have entered the home page, you can select “Open Account” on the home page.
  • Then select the menu “Open Account” at the bottom of the new screen
  • Please, my friend, choose one of the savings products (BritAma or BritAmaX). It’s up to you which one you choose.
  • If so, there will be terms and conditions. Please, my friend, read and read the terms so that you are not mistaken.
  • Then, my friend can click the “Select Account” menu
  • Now, here, my friend can write down the choice of the location of the BRI branch office. If possible, the closest one from your house.
  • If you have, please press Enter
  • So, friends, please complete the required documents with a photo of your ID card, NPWP (optional) and personal data
  • You can do a video recording for your self-verification.
  • Yup, my friend can activate the account by making an initial deposit. The initial deposit depends on what type of deposit you use.
  • Finally, you can create a Brimo account to use BRI internet banking services.
  • Finished!

Isn’t it very easy to open a BRI account through the website?

Open a BRI Account Through the BRImo Application

How to Open a BRI Account Online

The way to open a BRI account online is by using the BRImo application. Now this application is an official application made by BRI itself, which contains features such as opening an account with, requesting an ATM card, logging in with Fingerprint and Face ID, BritAma and Giro, Digital Signature, and Setting Alias ​​Account. A number of purchase/top up features as well as credit card payments, installments and tickets are also available.

In addition, with BRImo, BRI customers can access cash withdrawal services without a card, account mutation info up to 12 months, balance/point info, transfers, purchases, payments, payments with a QRIS scan. BRImo also provides promo info, stock info, exchange rate info, ATM location info and BRI branch location info. Very cool isn’t it?

Here are the steps to open a bri account with the application:

  • First, please download and install the BRImo application on your cellphone. if you are an android user, you can download it here > Play Store or if you are an Apple user, you can download it here > App Store
  • If it is installed, you can run the application, and after that, select “Register”.
  • Please, my friend, complete your personal data in the form provided
  • Next, you can make password
  • Later the verification code will be sent via SMS to your cellphone
  • Please enter the OTP code that has been sent. Warning. Don’t share OTP with others! Only friends and God knows it.
  • If so, please wait until the registration is successful
  • Then you can “Log in” at BRImo (enter the username & password that was already used)
  • Now here, please select the menu “Open a New Account”
  • Select “continue” on the description page
  • Then you can upload or upload a photo of your ID card, NPWP (optional), Signature and a photo of yourself.
  • Then select the “continue” menu on the notification page
  • Please, friends, create a BritAmax pin
  • Now, here, my friend can choose the location of the BRI branch office
  • If so, send it to continue the process
  • Here you can enter your BRImo login password
  • So, make an initial deposit (minimum deposit depending on the type of your account) with the available payment methods.
  • If you have made an initial balance deposit, you can go back to your home
  • Then here my friend select the menu “Account
  • Finally, you can select “Open Account” to view the account page that has been opened.
  • Finished! Your BRI account has been successfully opened!

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The final word

Above are 3 ways to open a BRI account online. How? Very easy isn’t it for you to follow? Please follow the steps correctly so that you can successfully open a BRI account. Good luck!

Some of the sources are taken from the BRI website (https://bri.co.id/). For more details, please contact BRI customer services at 14017 / 1500017. For your own email at callbri@bri.co.id

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