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No fuss! How to Open BCA Online Account Easily

Do you want to open a BCA account but are lazy to queue for a long time at the bank? Do not worry! Today’s era is sophisticated, you can take advantage of online features to open a BCA account quickly and easily!

Acceleration of technology, making everything digitized. We can easily do various things just by using the Smartphone that we hold wherever and whenever we like.

Well, one of them is digitizing payment activities. Where many payment activities are currently done online, aka can be done by transfer via the Mobile banking application. With a bank account, maybe my friend will find it easier to transact, without having to go all the way to the bank to deposit cash.

Also besides that, the advantage of having a bank account is that you can save without fear of money being damaged or eaten by termites. Because your money will be safe as long as it is in the bank.

Of course these things like transactions anytime and anywhere are not a problem for people who already have an account. But it will be a problem for friends who do not have an account. Instead of having trouble in the future, you can find out how to open a BCA account online here!

How to Open a BCA Online Account Easily!

How to Open a BCA Online Account

To be able to open an online account, you can use the BCA mobile application. So, here are the steps that you can follow:

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  • Please download the BCA Mobile application. If you are an Android user, you can download it via the Play Store. If you are an IOS user, you can download it through the Apps Store.
  • If it has been downloaded, please install the application.
  • Now, after it is installed, you can open the BCA Mobile application.
  • On the home page, please, my friend, select “Open a new account”
  • Then click “Open Account”
  • On the registration menu, my friend, please select the answer “no” then click Continue
  • If you have, my friend continues by choosing the type of savings you want. If so, click continue
  • Here you can verify your cellphone number, and click Send.
  • After that you can create an access code, and repeat the access code again. Make sure you remember this code, buddy! If you can, just write it down in the HP note (don’t let people know).
  • Then please click continue
  • Now here, my friend can complete the necessary documents such as a photo of an E-KTP, a photo of yourself, a signature, and a TIN (if you have one).
  • Make sure you use your ID card, signature, and others with your real personal data! Make sure you take the picture clearly and don’t get it blurry. Because if it is blurry, the photo will not be accepted by the bank.
  • Please select Continue if you have completed these requirements
  • Then you can fill in your personal data, by clicking “the purpose of opening an account”
  • Select further
  • Please, my friend, complete your personal information, make sure you fill it in correctly! Double-check the data so it’s not wrong
  • If so, please click continue
  • Here you can choose the type of Passport card that you want
  • If you have chosen, you can continue by filling in the email address for internet banking services, then click continue
  • Then you click the “view map” button.
  • View the map itself serves to ensure the location of the branch you choose
  • Check again, whether the BCA branch that you have chosen is correct or not
  • Please, my friend, read the policy first. If it’s okay, immediately confirm the data that has been filled in and select Next.
  • Next, you have to verify the data. Please friends do a video call
  • Wait some time. Well here, my friend has to be patient, because for video calls, you have to wait in line and take a long time. Make sure you stay tuned to the HP screen.
  • Well, later on, my friend will connect with BCA Customer Service to verify your personal data. make sure you use the front camera with your face.
  • After making a video call, please click activate mobile banking.
  • Here, please create a PIN. Make sure the PIN is only friends and God knows!
  • Please click continue
  • Yup, your initial account is already active. Please make an initial deposit so you can transact
  • You can deposit into your account by transferring via BCA or even through another bank. You can also deposit cash without a card. There are many methods provided. You can choose to pay your initial deposit via Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, BCA ATM, BCA Branch, or other Bank ATMs.
  • Make sure the nominal deposit is adjusted to the type of savings, buddy!
  • Finished!

Now for taking your own card, you can take it through the BCA branch that you have chosen earlier. If you have difficulties, you can contact the official BCA service.

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The final word

The above is how to open a BCA account online. How? Very easy isn’t it for you to follow? Please follow the steps correctly so that you can successfully open a BCA account.

Some sources are taken from the BCA website directly (https://www.bca.co.id/bukarekening). For more details, please contact BCA customer services in the image below.

Okay, good luck, buddy! 😊

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