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Nioh 2 Game Demo from Sony Playstation Exclusive Present at CSF Jakarta

Adding to the lineup of game titles that will be brought to the 2021 JAKARTA Creators Super Fest event which will be held at the SMESCO Exhibition Hall on 26 – 27 October 2021, Sony PlayStation bringing good news for game enthusiasts in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. The biggest console game company announced that it will bring one of the hit Action RPG games “Nioh 2” this weekend to the CSF2021 JAKARTA arena.

This will be a special opportunity because with this Indonesia will be the first Southeast Asian country that will have the opportunity to try the new game that will be released next year. This game, which has succeeded in creating a community base for Sengoku-Dark-Fantasy-themed game lovers, is a sequel to the hype game “Nioh” which will certainly be one of the things that Action RPG fans in Indonesia are looking for.

The demo in the game “Nioh 2” which is still being worked on by Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja, brings a classic Japanese feel with mythology, fantasy and history, which is interesting, this game player will become a samurai warrior figure – half Yokai (a mythological creature typical of Japan with half-animal stature with various spiritual powers) who must eradicate various powerful Yokai, Ronin and Samurai monsters.

This game promises a brutal level of difficulty as its main attraction. Players will be able to modify their playstyle by trying to master various armors, cool-designed weapons, or play by using the Amrita bar to use her Yokai abilities. Besides being able to be used to modify weapons, players can use the Amrita bar to be able to transform into a stronger Yokai figure – according to the identity and persona of the player.

Not only playing alone, Player Nioh 2 can also help and be assisted by other players using online mode. “Ghosts” from other players will be able to help players explore certain levels until they are passed or until they are defeated.

Nioh 2 : Steel yourself for the brutal origins of this epic samurai action adventure, where death is always just one encounter away

Be the first to try dozens of minutes of demo Game “Nioh 2” only at Creators Super Fest Jakarta, PlayStation demo booth!

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