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Mobile Legends Force Close? This Cause And How To Overcome It!

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular Moba games in Indonesia, even in Asia. This one game has been played by millions of players from Indonesia, whether it’s small children, teenagers, to adults. But often there are problems, such as Mobile Legends force close by itself.

This kind of thing will be very unsettling because when you are playing with your friends, you will come out alone. The error message is the same, where Mobile Legends suddenly stops and can’t get back into the game.

When you are busy playing Mobile Legends, sometimes problems like this often appear. The problem itself is because there are several factors, ranging from bugs in the game to the specifications on the cellphones that gamers are using.

Overcome Mobile Legends Force Close

This time, we will discuss several factors and also tips for dealing with Mobile Legends that often come out on their own, both for Android and iOS users quickly and easily.

  • Internet Connection Suddenly Dies

The problem of the game coming out suddenly is also often caused by an internet connection problem. This problem is certainly often felt by gamers when the internet is less stable or lost so that it will disrupt the game and automatically force close.

The solution is to make sure gamers play using a fast and secure network. Besides being comfortable when playing with friends because of notes ping stable, my friend will also avoid the application exiting by itself.

  • Too Much Data & Cache

Too much cache or data can sometimes also cause Mobile Legends to experience errors until it is force closed. For that reason, try to always clean up your cache or data after updating the Mobile Legends game.

By cleaning cache or data regularly, you will avoid these problems when playing with your friends.

The cause of the bug coming out on its own when playing Mobile Legends is usually a RAM problem in a cellphone that is too small to play. RAM problems are also very influential on this Moba game. So that gamers can play comfortably and smoothly, try to use at least 2 GB of RAM.

In addition, the way to solve the problem of the Mobile Legends game is often force close [keluar sendiri] is the use of RAM on the cellphone is also limited so that playing can run smoothly without problems.

  • Mobile Legends Data Deleted or Damaged

Then, another factor is that there may be some data in the Mobile Legends game, friends, gamers that have been deleted or damaged. Well, the solution is to delete the Mobile Legends application and re-install it.

Tips for overcoming Mobile Legends often experience force closes, it can be said that it is enough to use quota. Make sure you gamers have data that is more than 2 GB in size, because now Mobile Legends is already using a fairly large size.

The latter is usually because the server has a crash or bug. Indeed, this one problem is quite rare, but it still makes the system in the Mobile Legends game always force closed.

Tips to solve this problem is to notify the ML team to fix the problem immediately.

Thus a review of how to overcome Mobile Legends Force Close itself on iOS and Android smartphones. Hope it is useful.

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