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Laptops often turn off by themselves and how to solve them

Causes Laptops Often Turn Off Alone – The existence of a laptop that helps with daily work is very useful. Therefore, when a disturbance occurs, such as a laptop often turning itself off, it is very annoying. The reason is, the work that we have to complete as quickly as possible using a laptop is hampered.

Various disturbances that occur on laptops, including in the case above, of course there are causes. Therefore, the cause must be known in order to find a solution to overcome it.

The problem of laptops often turning itself off is actually caused by several things that need to be considered. For more details, I will mention these problems below.

Laptop Often Turns Off Alone? Here’s How To Overcome It

Laptop Often Turns Off

Laptop Overheated

Laptops that are too hot or overheating are the most common causes of laptops often turning themselves off. The causes are various, including a problematic laptop cooler, using the laptop in a high temperature place, and so on.

To overcome the above problems, of course, by repairing/replacing the fan laptop which is problematic. It’s better to take it to a service center and don’t force yourself to fix it yourself if you don’t have the expertise for it.

In addition, also avoid using the laptop in places with hot temperatures and keep the laptop away from heat sources around it.

Hardware Damage

Disturbances in the form of laptops often turning themselves off can also be caused by damage to laptop hardware. Device damage usually occurs on laptops that are outdated or used for a very long time.

To overcome this disorder, of course, by repairing or replacing damaged hardware. Remember, never replace laptop hardware yourself if you’ve never done it before. It’s safer if you take it to a service center to get the most appropriate treatment.

Hardware that is often problematic and damaged on laptops is the CPU, RAM, motherboard, and so on.

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Laptop Battery Damage

Damage to the laptop battery can also cause the laptop to often turn itself off. Damage to the battery is usually caused by overcharging because it is plugged continuously for a long time even though the battery is full.

Another cause that also causes the laptop battery to be damaged is due to the use of a laptop charger that does not match the voltage it should have. This condition often occurs in users who switch chargers without regard to the compatibility of the laptop charger voltage.

The way to solve this problem, of course, is to replace a damaged laptop battery. After that, fix how to use the battery charger so that the above incident doesn’t happen again.

Operating System Crashes

The habit of fiddling with the operating system or changing laptop drivers often results in interference with the operating system installed on the laptop. These disturbances often trigger problems in the system BIOS. The consequences are various, one of which is the laptop often turns itself off.

To fix this, my friend just fix the problem that occurs in the BIOS. If you do not have expertise in this matter, of course you will find it difficult to find out the type of interference that occurs. The best solution is to take it to a repairman.

In addition to the various causes mentioned above, interference in the form of a laptop that often turns itself off can also be caused by a virus attack on a laptop. To fix this, use an anti-virus that can help remove the virus. If it’s already severe, just reinstall windows.

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