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Important information! Here's How to Redeem Code Genshin Impact

Game buddies! There is a new redeem code from Genshin Impact that you can claim. Well, you must immediately claim the redeem code available below and immediately get the cool prizes that are waiting for you. Here’s how to redeem the Genshin Impact code.

The enthusiasm of the players in Genshin Impact is still very much felt today. And even, welcoming the emergence of the 1.5 version update might make some Travelers excited to play Genshin Impact again with the emergence of some of the latest content later.

What’s more, the Windblume Festival which is able to enliven the Genshin Impact update version 1.4 offers a series of very interesting content.

Talking about Genshin Impact, you will often feel awkward when the results of the gacha do not match your expectations. Even more annoying, when someone else turns out to get the character you are after.

How to Redeem Code Genshin Impact For Beginners

Before gaming friends enter the code above, make sure you have penetrated Adventure Level-10. Yep, the minimum requirement to be able to claim the redeem code is that you have to penetrate Adventure Level-10. If you have fulfilled these conditions, then you can activate the redeem code below.

  • Open the website https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
  • First login with your account
  • Choose a server, enter your character name, finally fill in the redeem code provided above
  • Select ‘redeem’
  • Safe! You successfully got primogems for free
  • The prizes you get will go through the in-game mailbox

Each Genshin Impact redeem code has an expiration date. Make sure you immediately exchange the redeem code that you just got. If it doesn’t work even though the data you entered is correct, it’s likely that the redeem code has expired.

Usually, the Gensin Impact redeem code is shared by miHoYo through the Genshin Impact community. No wonder sometimes some redeem codes suddenly circulate without any notification because miHoYo has never made an announcement about this.

Well, here is a redeem code from Genshin Impact that you can still use, especially for gaming friends who have just played Genshin Impact.

Redeem Code Genshin Impact

  • FS6SU367M279 [100 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 100 Primogems]
  • 4BNSD3675J8D [5 Hero’s Wit, 100 Primogems]
  • ATPTUJPP53QH [50.000 Mora, 100 Primogems]

As additional information, Mora is the currency used in the game Genshin Impact. Mora is needed to level up the character or weapon. Similar to Mora, Primogems is the official exchange available in the game. The difference is that Primogems can be exchanged for premium items, such as Azquaint Fate and Interwind Fate gacha tickets.

Then, Hero’s Wit is an item that can give EXP points to characters. This item is quite important because it can be used to speed up the process of leveling up a character.

Mystic Enhancement is an item that players need to level up weapons or weapons available in the game.

In a live stream that was broadcast on the Genshin Impact Youtube account, last Friday, April 17, 2021, miHoYo gave a ‘sneak peek’ of the content that will appear in the upcoming Genshin Impact 1.5 update. Some of them are 2 new characters [Yanfei dan Eula], housing system, new weekly boss, until the presence of footage of the Inazuma region.

This is an explanation of how to redeem the Genshin Impact code. For gaming friends who don’t know, I hope the above reviews can help you. Hopefully helpful, and thank you!

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