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Ib.bri.co.id User id Blocked and How to Overcome it

Friend of BRI Internet Banking users who want to transact? But having problems because internet banking is blocked and cannot be accessed? Don’t panic, we will explain how to easily solve a blocked ib.bri.co.id user id in this article!

Problems with blocked internet banking accounts often occur. This is indeed very disturbing to users, because with the blocking of the internet banking account, you cannot login, make transactions, check balances, and others. Now internet banking that is blocked is not without reason, there are several factors that cause it to happen, as for roughly the cause is;

Causes of Blocked Internet Banking

Entering the wrong password 3 times in a row

If you have the wrong password when you want to log in to BRI internet banking 3 times in a row, the system will detect an attempted login from another person or party. Then the system will automatically temporarily block your account

Unstable internet network

Although it sounds unconvincing, the fact is that if your internet network is less stable or there is no internet, then internet banking cannot be accessed.

The cellphone number used to register is blocked

BRI Internet Banking that cannot be opened may also be due to the fact that the mobile number used to register for internet banking has been blocked. Whether it’s the provider that blocked the number, or for other reasons. So that Internet banking cannot be accessed.

There are indications of fraud

This is a very rare but very dangerous reason. Although this rarely happens and also happens because of the negligence of the customer, in fact in some cases this kind of thing is encountered, the internet banking system immediately blocks it for security reasons.

Website ib.bri.co.id currently under maintenance

Now the maintenance of the ib.bri.co.id website is a sure thing and can happen at any time, because the BRI bank itself continues to improve its system so that customers are safe and comfortable using it and the risk of burglary is less.

Ib.bri.co.id user id Blocked and how to fix it

Ib.bri.co.id User id Blocked

To overcome a blocked BRI internet banking user id, you can try 2 ways that we will describe below. How to?

Using BRI Call Center Assistance

Ib.bri.co.id User id Blocked
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Well, the first way to overcome the blocked ib.bri.co.id user id is that you can contact the BRI call center. Here are the steps:

  • First, friends, please prepare your cellphone and credit balance so that later you can contact the BRI Internet banking CS number at 14017 or 021-1500-017.
  • If you have, my friend can prepare the conditions for Internet Banking verification, the conditions are in the form of an ID card, savings book, and debit card or ATM.
  • After that, you can contact the BRI call center number that we wrote down earlier
  • If it is already connected, you can follow the instructions given, and select Internet Banking
  • Then later the call center will ask you some questions, such as your name and address according to your ID card, account number, the number listed on the debit/ATM card, the estimated last balance amount, the name of your biological mother, and so on. This aims to prove whether you really are the holder of the Internet banking.
  • If you have finished answering questions or verifying the Internet banking holder, then customer service will process it
  • Then later the party will delete your internet banking account. Why was it deleted? Because the bank cannot reset or re-register BRI internet banking for security reasons.
  • So, if your Internet banking user id has been deleted, you can do that re-register for BRI internet banking at ATMs toget user ID and password the new one. If you have trouble, you can ask the re-registration mechanism to the call center earlier.

How? How to overcome blocked ib.bri.co.id user id is very easy, right? By taking care of blocked BRI internet banking through the BRI call center, you can do it anytime and anywhere without having to queue for a long time at the bank.

Note: activating blocked BRI internet banking through the BRI call center has several weaknesses, which here can only be used for non-financial transactions such as balance checks, account mutations, and so on. If you want to get financial transactions such as fund transfers, purchases, and payments, then inevitably you have to activate it at the BRI work unit office or the nearest BRI bank.

Come Directly to the Nearest BRI Bank

Ib.bri.co.id User id Blocked
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The way to overcome the last blocked ib.bri.co.id user id is that you can directly come to the nearest BRI bank. Here are the steps:

  • First, you can prepare the requirements for managing blocked BRI internet banking such as ID cards, savings books, ATM cards, and your cellphone numbers registered with the Internet banking.
  • If you have prepared, you can go to the nearest BRI bank from your home.
  • Then my friend can take the queue number, and tell the officer to take care of the blocked internet banking user id
  • Then later the officer will give you a form, please mate to fill it
  • Then later the bank officer will take care of this, including the process of reactivating your ib.bri.co.id account, buddy
  • Well if the process goes smoothly, then the time spent is approximately less than half an hour.
  • Then later my friend will get user ID and password the new one that can be used for login and return transactions.
  • Finished!

Note: to take care of a blocked ib.bri.co.id user id through a BRI bank branch office, you have to come yourself. Because the provisions are like that (cannot be represented), because it is related to identity security and the security of your own internet banking.

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The final word

Above are 2 ways to overcome blocked Ib.bri.co.id User ID, either through the BRI call center or coming directly to the nearest bank. How? Very easy isn’t it? Please friends to follow the steps! Ok, good luck!

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