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How to View BRI Account Balance Easily and Simple

How to see a BRI account balance is not difficult, because there are various ways that you can use to find out how much balance is left in your account. Starting from viewing it via SMS, SMS Banking, Ibanking, Mbanking, to Customer Service [CS] and through ATMs.

All of the above methods you can do very easily, you can choose one of the ways that you think is the easiest. However, for beginners, seeing the balance in a BRI account is not easy. On average they are still confused and do not know how to do it.

Are you guys like that too? If so, then this article will be a suitable reference for you to understand. Here, you will find at least 5 ways that can be used to easily view BRI account balances.

Via ATM Machine

BRI ATM Machine

The first way that you can use to see your BRI balance is by viewing it through a BRI ATM machine. This method is one of the easiest ways to do it. You don’t have to go to the bank, you can find BRI ATM machines easily at several locations.

You just need to insert your BRI ATM card into the nearest machine and you can find out directly how much is the balance in your BRI account. Curious how to see the balance? Below are some steps to do it:

  • You need to come to the nearest BRI ATM machine
  • Don’t forget to bring your BRI ATM card
  • Once there, you have to insert the BRI ATM card into the card slot available at the ATM machine, which is next to the ATM monitor
  • Next, several language options will appear, choose Indonesian
  • Enter ATM PIN
  • Choose another menu
  • Click and select balance info
  • The ATM machine will display the remaining balance on your ATM card
  • Finished

Via SMS Banking

SMS Banking BRI

You can also check your balance at a BRI ATM via the BRI SMS banking feature. However, this method can only be used for customers who have activated the BRI SMS banking feature. The SMS banking feature allows you to easily check the remaining BRI balance through the Android device you are using.

But first, make sure your number has activated the BRI SMS banking feature. If you have not activated the feature, then you must register for the SMS banking feature. If so, then all you have to do is check your BRI ATM balance in the following way:

  • Open SMS service on HP
  • Then select and click new message
  • TYPE SMS: BALANCE (SPACE) PIN, Send to No. 3300
  • For example: BALANCE 123456 send to No 3300
  • You will receive an SMS from the BRI bank in the form of balance info in your BRI ATM account

Note: to be able to enjoy this feature, make sure that you have sufficient credit, each SMS message from BRI bank will be charged a tariff of IDR 1,000 /SMS.

Via the BRIMO App

BRImo application cannot be opened

In order to make it easier for customers to process banking transactions, BRI bank also offers the BRI Mobile Banking feature [BRIMO]. This feature is similar to SMS banking, but what makes it different is that it can be done through an application installed on the customer’s Android device. Of course, the BRI Mbanking feature has also been equipped with several complete services.

So that all customers can enjoy this banking transaction feature which is more convenient, delicious, and definitely profitable. Through the BRIMO feature, customers can view incoming fund transfers, including account balances, or view mutations. Meanwhile, how to check the balance through the Mbanking Bri feature [BRIMO] are as follows:

  • Download BRIMO Apk on Play Store or App Store
  • Install it on your cellphone
  • After that, open the BRIMO Apk
  • Login using your BRI account [pastikan sudah daftar lebih dulu]
  • You will see various menus
  • Click main account
  • Select the ‘eye’ menu to check the remaining account balance
  • Your balance will be shown
  • Finished

Note: You can use this feature if you have registered with BRIMO or BRI Mobile services [financial/non financial] through the nearest BRI bank branch office.

Via Internet Banking

BRI Internet Banking

This is one of the features that is no less interesting at BRI bank. You can also use this feature to easily view your BRI account balance without having to come to the office. With just two clicks, you can find out how much is the remaining balance in your BRI account. However, like other features, to be able to enjoy this one service, you need to register and create a BRI Ibanking account first.

If your goal is only to check balances without the need to make financial transactions such as buying credit, transferring balances, and others. Then you only need to register for BRI Ibanking via an ATM machine. However, if you want to enjoy financial features such as top up, transfer funds, pay bills, and others, you must register through the nearest branch office.

To check your BRI balance via internet banking, you can follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you have registered for internet banking either through the nearest canag office or at an ATM machine
  • After that, you must log in to the BRI bank internet banking feature ibank.bri.co.id
  • Enter id, password, and verification code
  • Select login
  • After entering the BRI ibanking dashboard page, you have to click on account info
  • New menu will be available
  • Click on account balance info
  • Your BRI balance will be displayed
  • Finished


The last way you can do to find out the balance in your BRI account is to come directly to the Sub-Branch Office [KCP] nearest BRI. This method is indeed more complicated, but you can request other services from the bank’s CS, such as asking to be taught how to activate and use the BRI SMS Banking feature, BRIMO, or BRI ibaning.

That way, the next day you no longer need to come to the BRI bank just to check the remaining balance of your BRI account. However, to be able to see your BRI balance at the KCP, you must bring a passbook and an ATM card. If so, then follow the steps below:

  • Come to the nearest BRI KCP
  • Next take the queue number to CS
  • When it’s your turn, you immediately hand over the BRI savings book
  • Talk to CS, you guys want to print a savings bank statement
  • CS will help wholeheartedly
  • You can see the last balance in the passbook
  • At the same time, ask to be taught how to use the SMS banking feature, BRIMO, or ibanking

Well, that’s a review of how to check your BRI ATM account balance. You are free to choose whichever method you think is easiest and doesn’t bother you. Hope it is useful!

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