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How to use Zoom Meeting on Android and iOS phones

How to Use Zoom Meeting on HP – AndroidPonsel.com – Hello AndroidPonsel friends, right now in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the country, even almost all countries in the world have made it difficult for us to do activities outside the home as usual, even though Indonesia does not implement a lockdown system, but we have been advised to remain active. are at home and many companies have also made policies to work from home by relying on supporting applications for meetings, one of which is Zoom, an online meeting application that is now a mainstay.

For those of you who have just heard of the Zoom application, of course you will be confused about how to use Zoom for meeting purposes. Especially if you only use your cellphone to be able to meet face-to-face with colleagues. For this reason, we will briefly and concisely review how to use Zoom Meeting on a cellphone, be it Android or Apple (iOS).

How to Use Zoom Meeting on Mobile

The step that we will explain is how to participate in online meetings through the zoom application on mobile phones using either Android or iOS. This step does not explain how you create a room in this application, but you are only a video conference participant. The steps are as follows.

  1. First make sure you have downloaded the Zoom app on Android or on IOS. For the link you can follow this 🙁Android Link) or (iOS Link)
  2. After installing it open the app on each device. Here you don’t need to login, because here you are only a member of online meetings.
  3. After that you will be invited by sending a link from your office friend, clicking the link provided to enter the online meeting, how to click open with Zoom.
  4. After logging in, enter your name in the username field, and click “Call via Device Audio”.
  5. You have participated in a video conference using Zoom on your cellphone.

It’s different if you want to open a special room for online meetings and invite colleagues. The method is not difficult, here is how to use Zoom for online meetings on HP.

Download the Zoom app on the Google Play Store for Android smartphone users or on the Apple Apps Store for iPhone users.

  • First you also have to download and install the Zoom application.
  • To become a host you must register first to be able to login, you can register using your email or Facebook profile.
  • After that go to settings / settings and find the Personal Meeting ID that you can use to invite participants to the Online Meeting.
  • If you have found the Personal Meeting ID, copy the ID and send it to friends who will be invited to the video conference that you have created.
  • If the link is clicked, the participant will automatically get an offer to join the video conference.
  • Participants can also Copy-Paste the Host’s Meeting ID to join the Online Meeting, then click Join a Meeting, and the virtual meeting room is ready to use.

Zoom Cloud Meeting Features

If you have a zoom cloud meeting account, in this application there are several features that are very helpful for virtual meeting purposes. the following are reliable features;

  1. Schedule a Meeting
    This feature serves to schedule a meeting that will take place soon.
  2. Join a Meeting
    This feature makes it easier for users to join other colleagues who have been invited via Meeting ID or Personal Link from the creator (host).
  3. Host a Meeting
    Make the user a host or meeting leader. A host can freely set up a meeting with three preferred modes, namely; with video off or without video, with video on or by using video and Screen Share only or display the screen display on a laptop or smartphone for presentations.

Zoom Free version has limitations The Zoom online meeting application can be used for free, but there are some limitations if you use the free version. Among them is that you can only meet for 40 minutes and a maximum of 100 participants. If you want a large-scale meeting and with a long time you have to pay the lowest price of $14.99/month.

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The final word

Hopefully this method of using Zoom meetings on HP can help you in solving work problems. Oh hey, if you need the same application as Zoom, you can use an application made by the nation’s children called umeetme.id please you can directly visit the website and create a meeting room there, it’s easier, you know.

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