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How to Use Gameloop FF to Play Free Fire on PC

As one of the best battle royale games with a very large number of players, some FF gamers not only want to play it on Android-based devices such as smartphones or others, but also on PCs or laptops.

To be able to play the Free Fire game on a PC or laptop, of course, gamers can’t directly install the game as is the case on Android devices. For that, my friend needs the help of Android simulator software. Well, one of the Android emulator software is Gameloop.

Gamers need to know that Gameloop is an Android emulator developed by Tencent (also known as Tencent Buddy Gaming). With the help of this software, you can play many mobile games on your PC or laptop, including Free Fire.

Well, if you are interested in using Gameloop to play Free Fire on a PC or laptop, you should follow the steps I will mention below. But before that, you need to download the simulator software first. Please click link below to download it.

Steps to Use Gameloop Software

How to Use Gameloop FF

To start playing the Free Fire game on a PC or laptop, please follow these steps:

First Step: Install First

  1. After downloading the simulator software, then just install the software.
  2. After the installation process is complete, gamers just open the emulator.
  3. Then my friend just go to the game center. There you just need to find the Android game you want to play on your PC, in this case the Free Fire game.
  4. After finding Free Fire, click on the game.
  5. After that, gamers friends will go to the game details page. There you can see some details such as game updates and more.
  6. Next, you just have to install Free Fire by clicking the ‘Install’ button.

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Step Two: Play the Free Fire Game

After you finish downloading and installing the Free Fire game, all the processes needed to be able to play the Free Fire game on your PC or laptop have been completed. Furthermore, gamers friends can directly play it by clicking the Play button located in the lower right corner.

Playing Free Fire games on a PC or laptop using Gameloop FF does have its own sensation. The reason is, the game screen display is bigger so that all the pictures contained in the game look clearer. The drawback is that gamers can’t play the game in a relaxed state, for example while leaning back, lying down, and the like.

Well, that’s the tutorial on how to play Free Fire with Gameloop on PC that I can share with my fellow Fee Fire gamers in this article. Hopefully it will be useful for all gamers friends, especially for those who don’t know how to play games on PC or laptop devices.

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