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How to use 2 Gojek applications in one cellphone

AirMod Friends! want to use 2 Gojek applications in one cellphone buddy? Because there is a special need for it? Calm down, AirMod friends can follow How to Use 2 Gojek Applications in One Mobile in the discussion below!

Who does not know the application of this nation’s children? yup Using Gojek services (online motorcycle taxis) is indeed very easy for us in everyday life. Maybe before there was this application, we had difficulty finding a convenient and fast mode of transportation, also when we were still out at midnight and confused to find food, we might not meet again for now and in the future.

Online motorcycle taxi services are also increasing and competing, such as Grab, Uber, and others. However, the only ones that survive in Indonesia are Gojek and Grab. The Gojek application itself is very popular and widely used by Indonesians. even Gojek itself has spread its wings to neighboring countries.

Indeed, it is not without reason that people like to use the application made by Nadiem Makarim, the article is that besides being easy to use the application, it is also convenient, and fast, Gojek itself often issues promos that can help users to get discounted prices when they want to order an online motorcycle taxi, or order food. .

However, there is a trick to get more promos, namely using 2 gojek applications in one cellphone. Of course, this can also be an option for other things besides getting a promo.

How to Use 2 Gojek Apps

How to Use 2 Gojek Apps

Well, if you are one of those people who are interested in this trick, you can find out how to use 2 Gojek applications in one cellphone below:

Using the App CloneApp

How to Use 2 Gojek Apps

Now the first way to be able to use 2 gojek accounts in one cellphone is to use the CloneApp application. This application sendkiri is an application that is able to duplicate various applications in one device or cellphone. For example, just like this Gojek application. here are the steps:

  • First, if you don’t have the Gojek application, you can download AirMod first via the Play Store on your cellphone.
  • If so, please download the Clone App application on the Play Store too. or simply, you can directly click here > CloneApp first via the Google play store.
  • After the installation is complete, please open and run the application
  • Now on the initial page or menu of this application, you can select the menu option Add app / Add App
  • Here you can see various applications installed on your cellphone, here you just click on the Gojek application until there is a tick.
  • Then AirMod friends can click the button Add App which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Well, my friend has succeeded in duplicating the Gojek application, my friend.
  • After that, AirMod friends can open the Gojek application that is in the clone app. AirMod friends can also create shortcuts or shortcuts on your cellphone desktop.

How? It’s quite easy, isn’t it, How to use 2 Gojek applications in one cellphone with this CloneApp application? please, AirMod friends, follow the steps!

Using the HP Default APP Cloner Feature

How to Use 2 Gojek Apps

Well, you can use this other way if you don’t want to use additional applications. Don’t worry, almost all Android phones have this feature! Especially the newest one. So here’s how to use 2 Gojek applications in one cellphone with built-in features:

  • First, please, my friend, open your android phone
  • After that, my friend, please go to the menu Settings or Arrangement.
  • Well here you can find the menu Dual app or App Clone. Usually this feature is on the start page of the Settings menu.
  • Please, my friend, search for and select the Gojek application
  • If it has been selected, you can immediately check or activate clone or dual mode on your Gojek application.
  • Finished! Buddy can use 2 gojek applications in one cellphone or friend’s device!

Note: Each HP version has a slightly different look or step to activate the clone feature or duplicate applications on the cellphone. But take it easy because the method is not much different and it is very easy to find it.

You can also find out how to use two Shopee applications on one cellphone easily.

Disadvantages of Using Dual Apps

Of course, using 2 applications on one cellphone has weaknesses, such as HP memory space being consumed, HP can at any time become lag or slow due to the large amount of RAM usage, get notifications from related applications that are duplicated, so that it can interfere with the HP display, and so on. .

The final word

Above are some ways to use 2 Gojek applications in one cellphone that you can use. Make sure you follow the steps exactly to make it work!

Yesss, now you can enjoy lots of promos from the Gojek application~

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