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How to Update Google Chrome on Laptop, Android and iPhone

How to update google chrome on laptop – As we know that Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers today. users are always pampered with the latest features. You must be familiar with this browser, right? Over time, the browser has also improved. Therefore, if we use a browser, then we must always update it.

The question is, how to update Google Chrome? To make it easier for you to update, this time we will discuss how to update both for laptops, Android, and Apple. Curious? Check out the review below!

How to Update Google Chrome on a Laptop

how to update google chrome on laptop

You can use Google Chrome via desktop easily, both for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Linux. What you need to do is:

  • First, open your chrome browser. Then there will be an icon of three vertical dots in the upper right corner, you can click on the icon.
  • Next, select Help and select About Google Chrome.
  • If an update is available, the Chrome browser will download the necessary files. In addition, the installation will automatically run itself.
  • Wait a few moments, or you can continue with other activities.
  • If the update is complete, then you need to restart Chrome by clicking the Relaunch button.
  • That way, chrome will automatically reopen browser tabs that were previously closed. If that doesn’t happen, then you can use the keyboard with a combination of CTRL + SHIFT + T to bring back tabs.
  • The sign that Google Chrome has been updated to the highest version is a blue tick on the board.

How to update google chrome on the laptop above usually works to update. However, there are some that have an error. Errors when updating generally occur because of minor problems. The fix is ​​to relaunch Google Chrome and then update again. But if this method doesn’t work, then you can uninstall and then download Google Chrome to get the latest version without the update process.

Should Google Chrome update manually?

You need to know, Chrome is actually designed to be able to download and install update files automatically. But if you are always busy doing other activities related to the internet, then Chrome will delay the process so that your work is not interrupted. This is why, you should take the initiative to check and instruct Chrome to start updating.

How to Speed ​​Up Chrome Updates on Laptops

So that you can easily and quickly update, make sure you use a strong and stable internet network. In addition, you also have to turn off the background apps that you run so that the bandwidth is not too heavy.

Are Google Chrome Updates Released To All Platforms?

For information, Google Chrome always releases updates for platforms such as Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, to Android. But the release quota is always changing, and the main priority is Chrome OS. Keep in mind, how to update google chrome on a laptop above may not apply to Windows XP and Windows Vista. Because the OS is no longer getting updates. So if you use the OS, then you can’t update.

Well, that’s how to update google chrome on a laptop. The update process does not only apply to laptops. But you can update on Android and iPhone. It’s very easy, see the tutorial below!

How to Update Google Chrome on iPhone

In order for you to be able to update your iPhone, there are several steps you must take. Among others are :

  • First, you can open the App Store application on the iPhone. Usually this application is marked by a white letter “A” icon.
  • Then, touch the Updates button Image titled Iphone App Store Updates Icon 1.png. it’s usually at the bottom center of the screen.
  • If you have, then you can select the UPDATE button next to Chrome. In the “Pending Updates” section you can see the Chrome icon. The “UPDATE” button is generally on the right side.
  • If you don’t see the Chrome icon in the “Pending Updates” section, your device is running the latest version of Chrome.
  • Next, you can enter your Apple ID password if needed. Well, the new Google Chrome update process begins.
  • If you are not asked to fill in your Apple ID, it means that Google Chrome will be updated immediately.

It’s not easy enough to do an update on the iPhone. The method above usually works. But you must use a stable connection, so that your update process runs smoothly. Well, for those of you who use Android, you can see how to update it below.

How to Update Google Chrome for Android Devices

Not only is there a way to update Google Chrome on laptops and iPhones, Android users can also update. The method is also very easy. Pay attention to the steps below:

  • First, you can open the Google Play Store. This app has colorful triangular marks on a white background.
  • In the upper left corner there is a button. You can click this button.
  • Next, tap My apps & games in the pop-out menu displayed on the left side of the screen.
  • Tap the Chrome icon in the “Updates” section. Then the update process will automatically run.
  • If you don’t see the Chrome icon in the “Updates” section under “My apps & games”, it means that your device is running the latest version.

Isn’t it very easy to update Google Chrome on Android? By updating your device, you can get the latest version. Is this update important? Of course it’s important. You can find out how important the update is below.

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The reason why the browser used must be updated to the latest version


Security is the main reason to always update your browser to the latest version. If you continue to use the old version of the browser, you can be at risk of being attacked by viruses, scams, trojans, phishing to threats. Especially if you use it to transact online. Then the possibility of security holes can be known and can be used to steal your important data.


Have you ever experienced a slow web page loading process? This could be because you are using an old version of the browser that crashed. Of course this is very annoying and should not happen. Therefore, updating regularly is a solution so that your browsing process is faster and more stable.

Website Compatibility and Appearance

A website usually always displays consistent pages. Some features in older versions of browsers may not be compatible anymore so that the web page does not work as it should. This problem can be solved by you update your chrome browser to the new version.

Well, that’s how to update google chrome on laptop, android, and also iPhone. After knowing how, then make sure your browser is the latest version. Perform the steps above, and use the latest, more compatible version. Good luck!

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