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How to Turn Off Laptop Keyboard Easily!

Looking for a way to turn off the laptop keyboard? Of course here is the answer! Make sure to read it completely.

When using a laptop, we cannot be separated from typing activities that require keyboard operation which is an important component in using a laptop.

But sometimes there are users who use an external keyboard instead of the main keyboard on a laptop, for various reasons such as the main keyboard that has been damaged, or related to the convenience of using an external keyboard, and others.

Now if you are doing activities on a laptop that don’t need to use the keyboard, for example watching movies, or also using an external keyboard, of course we want to turn off the main keyboard so that the keyboard doesn’t interfere, for example being squeezed.

Here we will share 2 ways to turn off the laptop keyboard that you can follow, here are the steps:

How to Turn Off Laptop Keyboard Easily

Go to Device Manager

  • First, please open your laptop, after the laptop is running, you can open it “Device Manager” . for convenience, my friend can use the right click on the button Start (Windows logo in the lower left corner). Or the easy way is to directly type the search word in the finger box.
  • Then a pop up will appear, please select Device Manager .
  • If you have entered the menu Device Manager, here will later detect many devices. Please friends can click on the menu “Keyboards”
  • Then you can select the internal keyboard that is detected on the menu. well here the name is usually “Standard / PS2 Keyboard” .
  • If you have, my friend can right-click “keyboard”, then select “Update Driver Software” .
  • Next please continue by clicking “Browse My Computer for Driver Software“.
  • Then you can click the option “Let Me Choose From Device List” .
  • Later there are several options, now here, please, my friend, uncheck the menu “Show Compatible Hardware” . Therefore, various devices that are not installed will appear because they are not compatible with your laptop.
  • The next step, my friend, can choose one of the options drivers it doesn’t fit your laptop. Anything is up to you buddy.
  • Well if you have, later here will appear a confirmation. Just go ahead, choose “yes” .
  • This method aims to make a keyboard drivers installed on the laptop becomes disabled, by being incompatible or incompatible with your laptop due to the changed device.

Note: This trick applies and can be applied to various versions of laptops, such as ASUS, Acer, HP, Dell, and so on while using Windows OS.

Using Keyboard Combinations (shortcut keys)

If you have difficulty with the method above, you can use the easiest method and roughly every laptop user will understand. Yes, using the default features on the keyboard.

But unfortunately not all keyboards on laptops have this button, to be sure, my friend, please try to check the keys between F1 to F12. If you are lucky, your keyboard has a button with a keyboard icon or image.

If there is, my friend can immediately press the key combination by clicking simultaneously between keyboard icon button + FN or also with keyboard icon button + Ctrl + Alt .

Now another way, my friend can also check on the left or right side of your laptop, because on some versions of the laptop, there are also special buttons for devices, and the keyboard is one of them. Please try buddy!

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The final word

How? Isn’t it very easy to turn off the laptop keyboard? You can choose between the two options that we have outlined. In order to succeed, please follow it exactly yes! Ok good luck! 😊

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