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How to Turn Off Adblock Easily and Troubleshooting Solutions

Surfing the internet is indeed a very pleasant thing, almost everyone does this, especially visiting useful sites such as news sites, article sites, music sites, and so on.

But sometimes there are problems that no one wants. Yup, the emergence of pop-up ads that are less wearable that constantly annoys us.

Moreover, friends visit free movie streaming sites, or things that smell illegal or unofficial, surely pop up advertisements such as gambling ads, mighty drugs and others that are unsightly appear so often and wrong clicks actually lead us to sites that are dangerous. unclear.

Well, of course, my friend overcomes it by installing an extension or Adblck application on a laptop browser or on Android.

However using Adblock can also be one of the problems, you know how? Sometimes when we are accessing an important web to find references, the web can’t even be opened because our Adblock is active.

Now the only way is that the user must turn off or disable the Adblock. But not a few people who don’t know how to disable it, including my friend, right? Instead of asking questions, you can directly follow the steps below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of using adblock?

But before that, my friend knows the advantages and disadvantages of using an Adblock extension or application. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of using the application, so you must understand them first.

Advantages of using Adblock

  • It can save a little quota usage and is lighter because ads don’t appear.
  • The appearance of the article looks more clean and does not interfere with the site’s interface.
  • Remove ads annoying pop-ups and weird ads.

Disadvantages of using Adblock

In addition to the advantages of using Adblock, you also have to know what are the disadvantages of using the software.

  • The appearance of the site so it doesn’t look perfect.
  • There is a sentence in the article missing (If there is something important information, you can’t see it).
  • Sometimes site owners block users adblock, so that the user cannot read or open the visited site.
  • Displays that sometimes experience bugs.

How to Turn Off or Disable Adblock in Browser

Now, if you already know the advantages and disadvantages of using Adblock, you can see the method below to turn off Adblock. Here’s how:

  • First, please open your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Edge, etc.)
  • Then my friend can go to the extension, the way is as follows:

For Browsers Chrome, my friend can click the menu button “” in the upper right corner, then select “More tools, and click “Extensions” and select adblock. Or simply, you can enter this url link > chrome://extensions/

For browsers Firefox, friend can click the menu button “, then select “Add-ons” and select adblock.

For browsers Edge, you can click the menu button “, then select “Extensions” and select adblock.

For browsers safaris, you can click the menu “Safari“, choose “Preferences…”, and click tabExtensions” and select adblock.

  • Now on the toggle button, you can swipe it off or on so that later the toggle button will be white.
  • Finished! Buddy has managed to turn off or disable Adblock easily.
  • To be sure, my friend can try visiting a web that has ads, if ads appear, then Adblock

There is no toggle button

If the above method does not work, my friend can uninstall the Adblock Add-on. And later if you want to use it again, by downloading it like the initial installation

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The final word

The above is how to turn off adblock in the browser easily. Please, my friend, follow the steps exactly to make it work!

Ok, good luck!

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