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How to Translate Madurese to Indonesian Easily

Knowing how to translate Madurese into Indonesian quickly and easily is definitely needed for those of you who don’t understand Madurese, but want to interact with people who are still thick with Madurese accents and dialects.

Madurese language is quite unique. This will be clearly seen when you talk to people who still have a strong Madurese accent and dialect to him. As the language used by more than 14 million people today, there is nothing wrong if you prepare a special dictionary to translate Madura Indonesia.

Moreover, Madurese people occupy many areas in Indonesia. This is because Madura Island, which is the original community of the language, is located in the East End of Java Island or in an area called the Horseshoe area stretching from Pasuruan, Surabaya, Malang, to Banyuwangi. Likewise in the Masalembo Islands, including the island of Borneo.

It’s Easy to Learn Madurese

Even if you are not a Madurese or a descendant of Madurese whose use of the original Madurese language is fading, it is still possible to learn it easily nowadays.

Because in the current information age, learning any language, including Madurese, can be done online. Because, nowadays there are many websites that teach Madurese language specifically or contain Madurese language dictionaries. With the help of this dictionary, of course you will have no more trouble translating Indonesian to Madurese or translating Madurese to Indonesian.

Unfortunately, until now in Google Translate there is no feature available for Google Translate Madura. If there was, it would be easier to learn Madurese or use it as an online dictionary which can be used at any time to translate Madurese to Indonesian.

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The Best Madura Translate Site

Although there is no Google Translate service for the Madurese translate feature, now there are other sites that you can use as sites to translate Indonesian Madura or vice versa. The site is located at https://id.glosbe.com/id/mad.

How to use the site is very easy, because you only need to set whether you want to translate Madura-Indonesian or vice versa, then enter the word you want to translate into the column provided. After that, just click the Add translation button below it. But before that, you have to login first if you’ve signed up before. If not, you have to sign up first of course.

In addition to the sites above, of course there are other sites that also provide translation services or Madurese language dictionaries. For smartphone users, there are now many Android applications for how to translate Madurese into Indonesian or vice versa which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. With all these facilities, of course, you will find it easier to learn the Madurese language.

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