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How to Track a Lost Oppo HP Using Email Guaranteed Success!

In the era of increasingly advanced technological developments, there are many ways that users can do it smartphone or your Oppo cellphone has lost smartphone or favorite cellphone. Losing an Oppo smartphone is not fun, especially if you experience it yourself. If your missing Oppo cellphone contains important files and documents such as pictures, photos, word files, social media, and so on, you will surely panic. The most effective way to track Oppo HP is by using an email account, especially gmail.

How to track a lost Oppo cellphone using email

how to track a lost cellphone

You can use Android Device Manager. Utilization of the easy-to-use Android Device Manager on the device platform Android that compatible with several brands smartphone. By using the Android Device Manager application, you can find out the exact location of your lost Oppo phone.

The Android Device Manager application can display detailed locations in the form of maps, so you can easily use the software This Android Device Manager. So here’s how to use Android Device Manager easily:

  • First, you access the Android Device Manager application first. This application is able to run well on Personal Computer (PC) or Android.
  • The second and most important step in how to track Oppo cellphone, you need login using the email account that you used on the lost Oppo phone. Process login This email is mandatory, so you have to remember the email and password on your Oppo phone.
  • After successfully logging in, the Android Device Manager application will display the current location of your lost Oppo phone.
  • You can approach the place where your favorite Oppo cellphone has been dropped, or stolen by someone else. This step is also the last step in how to track a lost Oppo cellphone.
  • How to track Oppo HP is complete!

How? very easy, isn’t it how to track an Oppo cellphone with the Android Device Manager application? please, my friend, follow the steps on how to track an Oppo cellphone in the way that has been described.

Android Device Manager app features

In addition to the Android Device Manager application, it has expertise as a how to track a lost cellphone, other features you can use include:

Temporary HP lock

If you are afraid that the cellphone thief will delete important data on your Oppo cellphone, take advantage of the temporary HP lock feature. You can use by pressing the device lock, your Oppo smartphone will be locked automatically and cannot be used again, unless you unlock it.

Clear data

If you want to delete all data on your Oppo cellphone that was lost due to difficulty finding the cellphone, you can use the delete data feature. How to track a lost Oppo cellphone by deleting data, it is very safe to do.

Turn on device sound

This feature helps you recognize and identify your lost Oppo phone if it is already in the location. Smartphone You will automatically turn on a ringtone at a loud volume for a few minutes. This feature cannot be stopped or disabled silent by the user.

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HP Security Tips

HP Security Tips

In addition to knowing how to track an Oppo cellphone, you also need to know how to prevent it. After all, smartphones or what we usually call cellphones have indeed become part of our daily activities. Of course, if the device is hacked or lost, it will definitely threaten us, even though on our cellphones we store data such as social media accounts, google accounts, bank accounts, photos, and others. Therefore we will share tips to secure HP:

Double Lock Device (2 factor authentication)

By double locking the device, it is possible for hackers or thieves to take your cellphone, it will be very difficult to open the system of your device. Therefore, we recommend that you use 2-factor authentication. The double lock feature is actually every device already equipped, but if you don’t already have it, you can use third-party applications on the Play Store.

Install Tracker App

Not only when the cellphone is lost, even now my friend can install the tracking application available on the Play Store. Where the function of this application is just in case and makes it easier in case of loss. Also install the application on other devices, so that later you can connect to your device.

Change Password Periodically

According to experts, changing passwords regularly on social media passwords, mobile bank account passwords, and others, will help secure more devices, you know! Because when changing passwords regularly, it will be difficult for hackers to penetrate your account.

Also make sure to use a password that is rather difficult and is made like a sentence with a combination of numbers and symbols, for example “iUgant4ngBangeTgasih??”, of course with a difficult password, the machine that hackers use is also difficult to read.

Use VPN While Browsing

If all this time, my friend thought that the VPN function was only for negative things, my friend was wrong. VPN itself can be used to secure your device and data, you know! The reason is, by using a VPN, you surf the internet by using IP Address manipulation, so hackers have difficulty tracking your identity.

Please install a VPN, in the Play Store there are quite a few VPNs that are worth it, such as VPN Tomato.

Don’t Download Random Apps

Well, usually many users are tempted by MOD applications, such as Whatsapp Mod, Cheat FF mod, and so on. Although the application offers various interesting features, it is better to choose only official applications that are registered in the Google Play Store and are protected by Play Protect.

Moreover, my friend also downloads the mod application through a website that has a lot of ads, later on your device can get a virus or malware that messes up the system.

Avoid Public Wifi

Why should you avoid public wifi? you need to know, a lot of spyware that enters via public wifi. Usually a lot of public wifi with an unclear name and left open so that many people try to connect, after that, hackers will get into your system and spy and can take over important accounts.

That way, please use a wifi that you really already know and its existence is clear.

The final word

That’s a discussion about how to track an Oppo cellphone and tips on securing the device. So, now you can do the tracking smartphone or your favorite Oppo cellphone easily, which is to take advantage of the email feature that is connected to your own cellphone. By maximizing the Android Device Manager Application, you can find out how to track Oppo cellphone.

That’s the discussion on how to track an Oppo cellphone, hopefully it’s useful!

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