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How to Track Lost Cellphones With Email

The development of cellphone technology or mobile phones has now become a primary need, because it is proven that cellphones are now not only functioning as a communication tool but have developed as a business tool and others. Currently, the features that exist in cellphones are growing rapidly, even companies are competing to develop the best products and make a positive impact. However, it also has a negative impact because it makes people around you forget and prefer to play mobile phones. The positive impact of cellphones is that they can make it easier for people to do business and communicate over long distances.

However, with the sophistication of cellphones, there are many incidents of cellphones being lost, often unavoidable because they may be the result of their own carelessness, so that they forget to put them or they are lost because they are stolen and taken by someone. That way users will prefer to buy a new one and prefer to surrender, rather than having to look for it which will waste time. Losing a cellphone sometimes makes you worry and sad because important data that is on your cellphone is also because it is very necessary. It’s better if you choose to find a cellphone first to protect the data that may be misused by irresponsible people.

How to Track Lost HP by Email

How to Track Lost Cellphones With Email
How to Track Lost Cellphones With Email

If you have made various attempts to search for a cellphone but have not found results, maybe tracking a lost cellphone by email can help you, here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you enter the email using gmail on the lost cellphone, then run the browser on the cellphone you borrowed and type gmail.com in the browser url column, then press enter
  2. After that, just type the email name on the lost cellphone and select the next option to track the lost cellphone
  3. Then click on the next option and also enter the password from the email
  4. How to track a lost cellphone with email then when you are logged into gmail, select the triple stripe option in the upper left corner, then scroll down and select the desktop option.
  5. The gmail view will change from mobile mode to desktop mode as you selected in the previous step.
  6. After that you can select the google account option in the upper right corner, you will be directed to a google account, and scroll down click start.
  7. Then select the lost cellphone option, at this stage you are asked again to enter the email password. This is very much needed as confirmation from Google to you and this process is intended to ensure that you are the official owner of the account and not someone else. Then just enter the email password and select the next option.
  8. After that, select the find option, so you are immediately directed to google maps and will be marked with an orange box to show or track the location of the lost cellphone.

How about you have tried it, it’s easy isn’t it how to track mobile phone is lost by email compared to buying a new cellphone again? Plus you don’t have to bother to enter other data into the cellphone you just bought.

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