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How to track a lost Android phone when it's turned off

Your cellphone is lost and want to trace its whereabouts? You can use the method of tracking a lost Android phone on or off below.

Mobile phones for people today are an important part of life. Without a cellphone, it feels like life is incomplete and something is missing. At times like this, a way to track a lost cellphone is needed, so that a cellphone that is lost or forgotten to be placed can be identified. So, how do you track the cellphone?

Tracking a lost cellphone can be done in several ways. Among them by utilizing the internet, applications and computers directly. The choice of how to track a lost android cellphone, can be adjusted to the ability to run it. One such method will be presented in the next section.

How to track a lost cellphone with an application

How to Track Lost HP
How to Track Lost HP

In tracking a lost cellphone you can use an application to help. One of the applications used is Android Device Manager. So how to use it?

  1. Installation

The first step that must be done is to download an application that supports cellphone search. In this case you can use the android device manager, which can be obtained through the play store. To download, it will take some time for the installation to be successful and the application can be used optimally.

  1. Use

Once you have this application, you can use it as usual. In this case to show that there is a mobile phone connection with a laptop or PC. Its use does not need to be too long, provided that the cellphone has wifi or quota. Also, the location on the cellphone is turned on and can be tracked through a PC or cellphone.

  1. Finished

How to track the last lost cellphone, you can use this service at any time. Mainly, if the cellphone is forgotten to be placed or stated that it has been completely lost. If this method of tracking a lost cellphone is helpful enough, don’t forget to share it with others. So, not only you who understand it but other people also helped.

Can this method be used to find your cellphone? If that doesn’t work, there are other ways to do it. The method in question is a way to track a lost android cellphone with a computer. How to do it?

How to Track Lost Android Phone with PC

How to Track Lost Android Phone
How to Track Lost Android Phone

Those of you who want to track a lost cellphone, try to use a computer to track the whereabouts of the cellphone. So, how to do it? Here’s the information,

  1. Destination Website

The first step to find is to find a website that can help. The website in question is www.google.com/android/devicemanager. But to use it, you must first log in with gmail on the cellphone you are using. So, the laptop or computer used can track the whereabouts of the cellphone.

  1. Alert

After some time, an alert will appear on the screen of the laptop or computer being used. If this sign appears, click accept. After this step is successful, you have successfully entered the android device manager and can continue on the next step. The next step is tracking the cellphone with GPS.

  1. Track Mobile

To track a lost cellphone, you need to click the GPS icon in the corner of the pop up. But if the GPS on the cellphone is not active, then the location of the cellphone will be difficult to find. However, how to track a lost Android phone can still be done. Where, by resetting and pressing the erase button. After that, the cellphone will enter the initial settings and the GPS will turn on.

  1. Test

If this method is not trusted and want to experiment, try to run it. Try to put the cellphone in a place that is not too far away and try to follow each of the steps. The way to track a lost android phone will work, if done correctly and every step is not skipped or skipped.

When compared to the previous method, the way to track a lost android phone is indeed quite complicated. But it will be very helpful, if you want to find a cellphone in a short time.

The Easiest Way to Track a Lost Android Phone in a Dead State

If the cellphone is turned off, you don’t have to worry about searching for it. Because now there are several ways to do it. How to do it?

  1. Download App

The first step to take is to prepare an application that can help. In this case, an android device manager application is needed which can be found in the play store. How to get it is quite easy, just do the installation and open the application after the installation is complete. After that, you have to press accept, so that the application can be used.

  1. Login

Those of you who already have the application, can go directly to this section. Where, the user must login with an active google account. This account must be used on the smartphone used. If not, then how to track a lost android phone in a dead state will not give maximum results.

  1. Other Smartphone Use

This method will be very profitable if you have several smartphones. Where, the smartphone uses the same email accounts as the lost smartphone. This method is very useful, because the location of a lost cellphone can be found more quickly. Because of the location of the cellphone, it will appear on other cellphones.

  1. Command Selection

In this application, you have several command options that can be used. Among them, ringing, locking it or deleting data on the cellphone. For those of you who are interested in locking it while looking for a cellphone, you can do it early. Where, the cellphone will be locked with a password or pattern that only the owner knows.

  1. Selection of Data Erase Option

In contrast to selecting the option to lock the phone, the option to delete data is a last resort. This option is usually done to eliminate any data on the cellphone, if the cellphone is really not found. So, the owner of the cellphone wants to delete the data on the cellphone so that it is not used incorrectly by the inventor of the cellphone.

  1. Ring Option

This is the most important option in this way. Where, the cellphone will ring at a loud volume to make searching easier. This sound will sound for five minutes. If the cellphone has been found, you can press the power button to end the sound emitted by the cellphone. This method is certainly very beneficial if the cellphone is not too far away.

  1. How to Track a Lost Android Phone when it’s Off: For Tablets
How to track a lost Android phone when it's turned off
How to track a lost Android phone when it’s turned off

Please note, that this method does not only apply to mobile phones. But it can also be used for tablets and other types of Android. Keep in mind that the email entered is the same email with another cellphone. So, all access can be done more easily and the search process can give maximum results.

These three ways can be done alternately to get maximum results. If the cellphone is turned off, you should use the third method of tracking the lost cellphone. So it’s not a waste of time and this method can give faster results. If you are still in doubt, try it first before the cellphone is completely lost or forgotten to put it.

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