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How to Top Up Free Fire at Indomaret Easily!

FF players? Are you annoyed because you are often underestimated and ridiculed by your teammates for not using cool skins? Relax, my friend can top up diamonds and later buy the skin at a low price! Curious how to top up free fire at Indomaret? Please read this article!

Free Fire or more popularly known as ff has become one of the most popular battleground games, especially in Indonesia. Free fire or FF is indeed an interesting game, in addition to the very good gameplay, the characters and various other properties here are very beautiful, such as the various clothes or bundles such as prisoner clothes, police clothes, astronaut clothes, to emperor clothes and many others .

However, the property or the character and the clothes he wears cannot be obtained for free or free of charge. Some skins can be obtained at events, but most skins, pets, and other cool items are obtained by buying using diamonds. Actually, the prices of skins are not too expensive, some are cheap but have an attractive appearance.

Of course to get diamonds you have to top up first. If you want to top up but don’t know how, you can see the article on how to top up free fire at Indomaret below!

How to Top Up Free Fire at Indomaret Via Unipin

  • First, please open Freefire buddy.
  • After that go to your profile, there will be your account ID number, please copy your account ID or you can also record and memorize it.
  • If so, you can open a browser on your cellphone. Can use Google Chrome, or whatever it’s up to you. Here you can visit the Unipin website here > https://www.unipin.com/
  • Well later my friend will enter the home page of the unipin site. Here you can choose the Free Fire game
  • Then later a diamond purchase menu will appear. Now, here you can copy or write your free fire id
  • Then choose which diamond you want to buy
  • If so, you can scroll down and select a payment method. Here you will find various options. Please, my friend, select “Indomaret”
  • Then later my friend will get a code, please screenshot or write down the code
  • Next, you can go to the nearest Indomaret, and if you arrive at the Indmaret, you can go to the cashier and say that you want to pay for Free Fire with the code that you brought.
  • Finished! Buddy managed to Top UP Free fire easily through Indomaret!

In addition to using the payment method through Indomaret, you can also choose various payment methods if there is no Indomaret near your house. The payment method at Unipin provides many options that you can choose, such as through vouchers, online payments: ovo, gopay, funds, shopeepay, just links, and many others. In addition, there are payments by virtual accounts, credit cuts, Indomaret or Alfamart vouchers, as well as via internet/sms banking. Practical isn’t it?

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The final word

How? How to top up free fire on Indomaret is very easy for friends to follow, right?

With diamonds, you can freely buy prestigious items and skins, so you can become a respected and prestigious account and will not be underestimated among other Free fire players!

Good luck and greetings Booyah! 😊

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