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How to Top up FF Tokopedia, Low Prices & Fast Process

One option to top up Free Fire diamonds online is through Tokopedia’s FF top up. Even though there are currently many cheap diamond top up places that will be needed later in the Free Fire game, Tokopedia excels in terms of the relatively fast top up process.

Through Tokopedia, gamers can buy as many diamonds as they want, of course, as long as they have the financial capacity for it. By having a lot of diamonds, of course the survival you do in the Free Fire game will be more exciting.

Why is it more fun? The answer is because you can buy various premium items that are needed to win battles in Free Fire. You can buy characters, weapon skins, armor, bundles, and so on.

Steps on How to Top Up FF Tokopedia

If you decide to top up FF on Tokopedia, gamers just follow the top up steps that I will share this time. But before that, you should first log in to your FF account to record your Free Fire ID account. Of course this is what you do if you don’t memorize it. If my friend memorized it, then there is no need to do that.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, my friend must first install the Tokopedia application on the smartphone that you are using before starting to top up. Because, the ways to top up FF Tokopedia that I will share are based on top up through the Tokopedia application. If you do it through the Tokopedia site directly in your browser, it’s possible that the steps will be different.

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Now, after recording or memorizing your FF ID and installing the Tokopedia application, then do the following steps:

  • Open the Tokopedia application that is already installed on your smartphone.
  • Next select the ‘All Categories’ section.
  • When in the category selection, my friend just click the ‘Entertainment’ tab.
  • Once in the tab, please click ‘Game Voucher’.
  • Inside, there will be many choices of vouchers that you can buy. Because my friend wants to buy a Free Fire game voucher, please click ‘Free Fire’.
  • After that, you will be on the purchase details page. Here you need to fill in several things, namely filling in the ‘Player ID’ and selecting the number of diamonds in the ‘Select Product’. After selecting the number of diamonds, the price you have to pay will automatically appear below it. If it matches, click ‘Buy’.
  • Later, an SMS will be sent from Tokopedia to the mobile number that you used when registering at Tokopedia. The SMS contains a 6 digit verification code. Later, you have to enter the verification code in the specified place.
  • After that, a purchase detail box will appear, which is a kind of confirmation of the number of diamond top ups that you want to do along with the price. If it is correct, please click ‘Continue’.
  • Finished.

To make sure that your FF Tokopedia top up has been successful, please login to your FF account and see the number of diamonds available. If it increases, it means that the top up step that you did is correct and successful.

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