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How to Stop Telkomsel Internet Packages Through 3 Easy Ways Here!

Talking about providers that are worth it for subscribing to Internet packages, we certainly don’t have to go far to glance at Telkomsel Internet packages. Although it can be said to be more expensive than other providers, Telkomsel’s internet speed can be said to be superior. However, there is a weakness in the Telkomsel Internet package that many users complain about, namely the pulse that is sucked up if the Internet package quota has run out. Therefore, users, including my friends, need to know how to stop Telkomsel Internet packages.

If you or other users complain about why your credit suddenly sucked even though you just filled it up, you need to know this because your internet package or internet quota has reached the limit. Indeed, this problem often occurs, because we cannot monitor it continuously. However, as explained earlier, you can try how to stop Telkomsel Internet packages with 3 easy methods, you know.

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How to Stop Telkomsel Internet Packages Through Unreg SMS

The first way to stop the Telkomsel Internet package so that the credit doesn’t continue to be sucked in is to use the SMS service. This method can be said to be very easy, my friend just follows the steps as below. The method is as follows:

  • The first step, my friend can go to Messages on HP
  • After that, my friend first see what Internet package you are using. If you subscribe to an internet package from Volume Based Flash, please write a message with the format: FLASH(space)OFF. If it’s another package, just adjust it!
  • So, if you use an Internet package, Unlimited Flash, my friend can enter the SMS format: UL(space)OFF
  • After you type in the message format according to the package, send it directly to the number 3636
  • Wait while the package stops process. If successful, you will receive a reply message regarding the termination of the package
  • Finished! Friend’s package has stopped

That’s how to stop Telkomsel Internet packages via SMS. Don’t worry, users are freed up credit when trying to stop SMS internet package. If you are not interested in using this method, you can try another method using the USSD code.

How to Stop Telkomsel Internet Package Via USSD Code

Continue the method to stop the next Telkomsel Internet package. Here you can use the call mode via USSD code. The USSD code itself is a code that is intended to enter the provider menu. This menu is not only for buying internet packages, but you can also use it to terminate Internet packages, you know! Here are the steps:

  • First, you can enter dial pad or the easy language of the call menu on the cellphone
  • If it’s done, my friend can directly enter the USSD code with the following number: *363#
  • If you have, you can directly press call/ok
  • Now, here will be shown the type of internet package that you are currently using
  • Continue by selecting search, then click “Stop
  • Then you can choose the Stop/T&C option
  • Then select again “Stop Package
  • Wait for the internet package termination process. If successful, then there is a notification that your package has been deactivated
  • Good!

Note: You need to know that each service will use a different UI or menu display. If you use an ace card, generally the option to stop will not appear. But my friend can solve it by finding after selecting the option “other internet packages, then select “Stop/T&C, and continue by selecting “Stop Package“.

If you have trouble, you can use the most effective way, namely by using the MyTelkomsel application. Interested? keep on reading to the end!

How to Stop Telkomsel Internet Packages With Applications

how to stop Telkomsel Internet package

Why do we say this way is more effective? because using the application you can clearly see the type of package, the end time of the package, and all other types of internet packages. You can also choose and buy the appropriate Internet package so that there is no mismatch between the amount of internet quota and your needs. But the difference here is that you need an internet connection to use the application. So here are the steps to stop:

  • First, you can open the MyTelkomsel application on your cellphone. But if you don’t have it, please download the application first MyTelkomsel via the Google Play Store and the Apps Store
  • If you have entered the menu, you can register (registration) and enter the number you used when purchasing a Telkomsel data package
How to stop Telkomsel internet package
  • Next, you can go to My Account or My Account. Where here you can check your Telkomsel number
How to stop Telkomsel internet package
  • Then you can click on the menu “My Package or Packages, and select the internet package you want to stop. To stop the package, please click the option Stop
How to stop Telkomsel internet package
  • Finally, click OK to confirm and wait until the process is successful!

That’s the last method to stop Telkomsel internet packages that you can try. In addition, here we also want to inform you about how to stop the RBT subscription package which is quite annoying because it sucks up credit.

How to Unregister Telkomsel NSP/RBT Package Easily

Indeed, sometimes we do not realize, that suddenly we use RBT. Whereas previously we did not register RBT or NSP. Now instead of our pulses being sucked in, just stop the package in the following ways:

  • First, go to the Message menu on your cellphone
  • Then, you can enter the RBT package stop message format as follows: RING(space)OFF, or you can also use the format: RING(space)UNSUB(space)SONG CODE
  • After you finish writing the message format, you can directly send the message at 1212
  • Wait until there is a reply from Telkomsel
  • If there is, it’s a sign that you have succeeded in stopping the NSP/RBT package that drains your credit
  • Finished!

How to Stop Telkomsel Phone Packages

In addition to how to stop Internet and RBT packages, we will also explain how to stop Telephone packages. Indeed, for some users, a telephone package is needed to contact family and relatives, but at some point the user does not need it anymore, and wants to terminate the telephone package.

You can follow the steps as follows:

  • First, you can go to the menu Message on HP
  • If so, just enter a message OFF
  • After that, you can send it to 3636.
  • Next, you will get a confirmation via SMS that you have stopped your Telkomsel phone package subscription
  • If you use the Talk Mania phone package, you can enter the message format sms with format : TM(space)OFF.
  • Then you can send it to 8999.
  • If you get an SMS reply, that’s a sign that you have successfully deactivated your Telkomsel Phone package
  • Finished!

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The final word

Thus the discussion about how to stop the Telkosem internet package, how to stop the RBT package and how to stop the Telkomse Telephone package that we can convey. How? quite easy isn’t it? That way, you no longer need to worry that your pulse will be drained unconsciously.

Good luck!

How to Stop Telkomsel Internet Package?

Users can use 3 ways to stop Telkomsel Internet packages, namely via SMS, USSD Code, and through the MyTelkomsel application.

Can users return Telkomsel credit that has been siphoned off?

You can’t, therefore make sure the user has to buy a Telkomsel Internet package that suits their needs.

How to Stop Telkomsel Internet Package from the Application?

You just need to download the MyTelkomsel application on the Play Store or the Apps Store.

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