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How to Spam Chat on WhatsApp Send Thousands of Messages in One Click

Whatsapp is currently able to dominate the communication platform in almost parts of the world. WhatsApp itself has a simple display design but even though it is simple, the features in WA itself are very useful for us. Thanks to the other features and conveniences offered, Wa has become popular and very popular among mobile phone users.

The features offered by WhatsApp are various, such as voice messages, sending messages with videos, sending messages with pictures, sending files, broadcasts, group features, pinning chats or pins, accessing WA via a computer or PC, and so on.

Many users enjoy using its features, one of which is the WhatsApp web feature. This feature allows users to open WA via a computer or laptop.

Now WhatsApp itself seems to have stuck in everyday life, namely to communicate. But behind that sometimes we like to be nosy to do pranks on friends or friends. Well, my friend, you can try the spam chat method on WhatsApp to prank close friends. Curious? Let’s see below!

How to Spam Chat on WhatsApp Easily

Using Console Features in Browser

How to Spam Chat

This first way to spam chat on WhatsApp takes advantage of the Console feature in either Chrome, Mozilla, or other browsers. But it would be better if you use one of the two mentioned earlier.

Well, here’s how to spam chat on WhatsApp using the help of features in the browser:

  • First, please open the browser on your laptop or computer.
  • If so, my friend, open this URL > here, then Copy or copy the source code
  • Next, you can open WhatsApp Web in your browser, for convenience, you can directly click here > WhatsApp Web

After that, my friend can open the feature console in your browser buddy. how to press button CTRL+Shift+K for mozilla firefox browser. And press the button CTRL+Shift+J on the browser chrome.

  • Now after entering the console, my friend can paste or paste the script / source code earlier.
  • If it has been copied, you can press the enter key to Run or apply the command.
  • So here, you can select the chat room on WhatsApp that you want to spam chat with.
  • So, please, my friend, you can write the spam message you want to send, for example “Hello!! May you always be healthy!!”
  • Immediately, my friend clicks the send button with the words spam, then my friend enters the amount for the spam chat. if you want 100 messages, just write 100.
  • Finished! Buddy managed to spam chat to people automatically!

How? Very easy isn’t it? Please, my friend, follow the steps to make it work!

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The final word

Above is an easy way to spam chat on WhatsApp that you can try to prank or prank your friends or friends. Instead of being tired of typing constantly, it’s better if you take advantage of the spam chat feature that can send messages automatically with a selectable amount.

But don’t use it to do any harm! Ok, good luck! 😊

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