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how to set wa so that it doesn't appear online and typing

Hello Buddy! You must be confused, looking for a way to make your Whatsapp status not visible online and want to remove the writing while typing? If you get to this page, congratulations, you will find the solution! So that Whatsapp doesn’t appear online and the writing is lost, you have to follow some of the steps that we describe here! But here’s how to use the application, friend! So who is the connection to download the application so that wa is not seen online and the status of the writing is typing.

So that WhatsApp does not appear Online

First, we discuss how our wa doesn’t look active, here we don’t use third-party applications, but we will make a few changes to the settings in the application. Follow the steps yes:

  • First open the WhatsApp application
  • Then in the right corner there is three dots that are arranged vertically, click the point
  • After that go to the menu Ssettings
  • Go back to menu Accounts
  • and then enter the menu Privacy/Privacy. Then my friend select the menu Last seen/Last seen. A list of options will appear. choose No/No bodyHow to Setting So WhatsApp Doesn't Look Online and Eliminate Writing While Typing

Now with the above settings, any of your friends will not see the online status on your WhatsApp! There are still other tricks, don’t go anywhere, so continue reading below.

Now how to remove the blue tick on the WhatsApp application. The easy way is still on the menu Privacy/Privacy yes bro. Then scroll down and look for the posts Messaging/Messaging then uncheck Report Read/Read Receipts.

Those are some ways to get rid of wa online status and blue ticks! The method above does not use additional applications, but on how to remove writing while typing on the WhatsApp application, we need a 3rd party application, friend. You can see how you do it below.

Remove Text While Typing on WhatsApp

Now this usually happens when we are typing a chat and the chat partner can know because or the words “Typing” or “Typing” of course this makes our friends or even ourselves confused and of course waiting for what to send. Well here, my friend can remove the status while typing on wa easily!

Here’s how to hide the status you’re typing on WhatsApp, follow the steps yes!

  • The first step is to download the application called GBWhatsapp. You can download it at the following link: jalantikus.com/apps/gbwhatsapp/?download/
  • But here, my friend is advised to uninstall the official WhatsApp application first so that GBWhatsapp can work well
  • If it is installed, open and register using the WA number, then click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then select Privacy/Privacy
  • Then select Writer Status and select Hide For Contacts. That way your chat opponent will not see the writing being typed again! Buddy can also activate this for Groups, the way you just choose Hide for Group

How to prevent WhatsApp from being seen online on an Anti-Fail Android cellphone

The method above doesn’t work very well, in fact we still look online with other users if we reopen WA. One way that we think can work is to use a WA MOD called GBWhatsApp. This is a third-party application, so later you will not login in WA but on GBWhatsApp, even though this is controversial because it is reported that this 3rd party application has been banned by WhatsApp.

Now if you really press to make WhatsApp invisible online on your Android phone, you can directly use this application. It’s very easy! Here are the steps;

How to prevent WhatsApp from being seen online on an Anti-Fail Android cellphone

  • Download GBWhatsApp on This page
  • Then Install and run the app
  • After opening there will be an Agree and Continue, you have to click to approve it and then you can proceed to the next stage
  • You have to log in like logging in to WA, which is to collect phone numbers to get verification
  • After input, you can use GBWhatsApp just like the WhatsApp application. So you can delete the WA application from your device.

In this GBWhatsApp application there is a very easy way to make WhatsApp not visible online! You can activate it by pressing the 3 dot icon in the upper corner to bring up the menu and select Privacy, then select Hide Online Status. And as a result, online status will disappear from WA circulation. So you can safely reply to your friends’ messages without being caught online by your boss

WhatsApp Tips

After you read how to set WhatsApp not visible online and remove writing while typing, here you must know that how to remove writing while typing must use a 3rd party application, so we are not responsible for the data you provide to the third party application. !

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