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How To See Youtuber Salary From AdSense

Watching Youtube is indeed an alternative to unwind because of work or college matters. There are so many things that are shared on Youtube by creators so that we can be entertained and forget about the problems that occur. But have you ever thought about how much income do they have from Youtube that they always look like rich people who have good and expensive equipment? So instead of being curious, you can analyze yourself by following how to see youtuber salaries from adsense which we will review below.

You need to know, currently Youtube is implementing a system that gives results to creators with ads, or what is more familiar to our ears, namely adsense. Now adsense or Youtube ads themselves actually have 2 benchmarks that can be used to determine YouTuber salaries from ads. The ads are calculated based on CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPC (Cost Per Click).

Maybe it still sounds foreign to you, right? Well for CPM or Cost per mile itself is the income you get for every 1000 ad views that appear on every uploaded video. Then for CPC or Cost per click The number itself is calculated based on the viewers who clicked on the ads on the video creator. That’s about it.

How to See Youtuber Salary?

So instead of marketing, just try to analyze your favorite Youtuber here:

  • First, please open the browser on your PC or mobile. It’s up to you what kind of browser you want to use
  • Then please open the website Socialblade.com on the browser
  • If you have, my friend can see here there is a column for searching. Now, please look for the name of the Youtuber channel that you want to analyze. For example, here we write a National Geographic channel
how to see youtuber salary
  • Then several platforms will appear under that name, such as Instagram, Twitter, and of course Youtube
how to see youtuber salary
  • Because my friend wants to see Youtube adsense earnings, please, my friend, choose the Youtube option
  • Well, here, my friend, you can see, there is an estimated monthly or yearly income. In the column that says “Estimated Monthly Earnings” which means Estimated Monthly Income, and “Estimated Yearly Earnings” which means approximately the income of the Youtuber per year.
how to see youtuber salary
  • In addition, my friend can also scroll down to the bottom, there is also an estimate of the income per video through Adsense.
how to see youtuber salary

How? if you look at the value is very large huh? But that’s just an estimate. The value of the original income will definitely be different, because it is added by several factors, it can be bigger or smaller.

Where Do Youtuber Profits Come From Apart From Adsense?

If you only rely on subscribers, especially for youtubers who don’t have too many subscribers, then the income will be stuck there and there. Well, usually YouTubers have other tricks to get a sizable additional income that can even be bigger than YouTube adsense per video. What are those?

Affiliate and Brand Ambassador with Famous Companies

We often see, many YouTubers who bring up their famous products in some of their videos. There are also those who openly use their products such as cameras, gadgets, and several other devices and accessories. Well that is part of being a brand ambassador or their affiliation with a company.

No wonder the product dares to trust Youtubers, because loyal subscribers will more or less follow their idols. Well of course for this related fee, usually the company will give a great value.


Not only on Instagram, Youtubers also use this method to earn more on Youtube. Usually Youtubers will deliberately market, review, and promote these products in their videos according to the agreement of the product owner with a rather long duration in the video. Endorsements themselves don’t play around in value, for Youtubers who have large Subs, they can be assessed with tens or even hundreds of millions for a single endorsement. Amazing isn’t it?

Selling Your Own Products

In our opinion, many Youtubers have now implemented this method. Well they will sell their own brand products with the help of big names. Usually, what you often encounter is selling Liquid Vape, clothes, hoodies, jackets, and even books like the owner of the “Jeda Nulis” channel, Habib Jafar.

Indeed, we cannot analyze the income from marketing their products directly, but they certainly get quite a large profit. Especially if the product being marketed is very useful.

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The final word

Above is a way to see Youtuber’s salary from Adsense that you can try. very easy isn’t it? So, if you want to become a Youtuber, make sure you are always consistent in uploading videos to catch up with showtimes and provide useful viewing so that your subscribers will love you even more.


How Much Does Youtube Premium Subscription Cost?

Answer: You only need to pay 59 thousand for each month. Then my friend will be free to watch without the distraction of ads.

Can Youtube Videos be Downloaded?

Answer: For YouTube itself, not all videos can be downloaded, because it depends on the creator whether they are willing to be downloaded or not. But if you want to download directly to your cellphone, you can use the Youtube downloader that is already scattered on the Internet, just search for it.

Is There A Youtube Feature For Kids To Keep Algorithms On The Homepage Safe And Away From Adult Videos?

Answer: Yes, you can change your Youtube friend to Youtube Kids. This feature is on Youtube itself, feel free to change it.

How to Become a Youtuber?

Prepare a Youtube account, then open the next channel to create video content using a smartphone camera. If everything is running, then fix the video quality using a professional camera. For the complete tutorial, there are many Youtubers who have shared how they become famous Youtubers.

How Much Capital to Become a Youtuber?

There is no limit to the cost of capital to become a Youtuber, if you are new, try to keep the capital to a minimum and use your cellphone camera to create video content.

What Content Is Good For Beginner Youtubers?

For your convenience in creating content, try to follow what your interests and hobbies are so that content creation becomes more comfortable. But if you are more after viewers, you can use Google Trends to see what trends are happening.

What Does It Take to Be a Beginner Youtuber?

Smartphone with camera, video editing application and quota for video upload. The rest strengthen the flying hours to make videos and edit them. Take advantage of social media to promote your channel.

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