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How to Scan Documents Using HP Easily Without Complicated

How to Scan Documents Using HP – Many of us are complicated to have to go back and forth to a photocopy or to a friend’s house just to be able toScan our files or photos because we don’t have the tools scanner itself, and it’s quite a waste of our money. However, technological advances make it easier for us.

How to Scan Documents Using an Android Smartphone

Yes! One of them as the title above. You don’t need to worry and be complicated if you want to scan your files, especially your ID card, we provide a tutorial on how to scan using a cellphone without any hassle! Let’s just talk!

1. Using Google Drive

For those of you who don’t know, Google Drive can scan our files, you know! Here’s how to scan using a cellphone using Google Drive.

photo source : How to Geek

The method is as follows:

1. Open the Google Drive app

2. In the lower right corner, tap Add

3. Select the “Scan” option

4. Take a photo of the document you want to scan. Adjust the scan area: Tap Crop. Take another photo: Tap Re-scan the “Re-scan current page” page. Scan for other pages: Tap Add.

5. To save the finished document, tap Done.

easy isn’t it?

The document you take will be scanned as if you were entering it into a scanner. The uploaded scan is added to Google Drive as a PDF and its name begins with the word “Scanned”, followed by the date and time. You can move, rename, or delete scanned documents by clicking the three dots next to the file name.

To make scanning easier at a later date, you can add this Google Drive Scanner shortcut to the home screen of your phone. Here’s how:

1. Open your Android phone or tablet widget.

2. Find the “Drive scan” widget.

3. Touch and hold the widget.

4. Drag it to your main screen. You may be asked to select an account.

5. Done

ok way Scan next is

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2. Using the Tiny Scanner App

Buddy can easily scan documents using a cellphone with an application called Tiny Scanner. You can download it for free through the Play Store on your cellphone.

Here’s how to scan using a cellphone with the Tiny Scanner Application.

1. Open the Tiny Scanner app

how to scan documents

2. Select an icon at the bottom, photo or gallery icon
if you want to choose a photo directly, you can click the photo icon on the left. But if you want to take a photo from the gallery, click the gallery icon on the right.

3. then select the photo you want to Scan

how to scan documents

if you have, then you can crop according to your choice. if it’s cropped then click OK

how to scan a document using a cellphone

tara! photo or file scan successfully buddy! You can choose to use PDF or JPG format.

how to scan documents

and you can also share the file using drive, whatsapp and others.

quite easy and practical right?

How to Scan Documents Using HP iOS

We also share how to Scan with Apple / IOS Mobile. But before that, make sure your iPhone has been updated to iOS 11 or higher! Here are the steps to scan a document to iPhone using the scanning feature in Notes:

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1. Open Notes.

2. Tap the square icon with a pencil in it to create a new note.

3. Tap the circle with the + sign in it.

4. The menu appears above your keyboard. In that menu, tap again on the circle with the + sign in it.

5. Select Scan Documents.

6. Position your phone’s camera over the document to be scanned. Notes will automatically focus and take a picture of your document or you can control it manually by tapping the shutter button yourself.

7. After you scan the page, Notes will show you a preview and give you the option to Keep Scan or Retake.

8. After finished scanning all the pages, you can review the list of scanned documents in Notes. If you need to make corrections, such as cropping the image or rotating the image, simply tap the image of the page you want to correct and it will open that page with editing options displayed.

10. When you are done with any corrections, tap Done in the upper left corner to save the adjusted scan automatically.

11. When you are ready to lock the scan as a PDF, tap the Upload icon. You can then choose to create a PDF, copy to another program, and so on.

12. Tap Create PDF. The PDF of your scanned document will open in Notes. Tap Done.

quite easy isn’t it? Please, friends, try it!

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